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Structural Fund Projects on Sustainable Energy

SF main

Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

What is Structural Funds (SF) and Cohesion Funds (CF)?

How is it administrated?

SF 2014-2020
SF 2007-2013
SF 2004-2006

Evaluation 2004-06
and Recommendations for 2007-13


The use of structural funds (SF) for renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) is too low to give a substantial impact for sustainable development; but valuable specific projects have been funded with structural funds. This database gives an overview of some of these projects, as examples of the possibilities that exist within structural funds and as inspiration.

SF Projects by Resources
The Projects can be found according to resources in the column to the left.

SF Projects by Countries and Periods
In the period of 1990-2006, the Projects are collected by countries. For Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain more information about the country programs is summarized.

In the period of 2007-2013, concrete projects were included gradually. For new CEE countries the country program is detailed (except for Latvia and Estonia).

Countries Hosting Projects included in the Database:

# AUSTRIA Austria 1991-99 Austria 2007-13
# BELGIUM   Belgium 2007-13
# BULGARIA   Bulgaria 2007-13
# CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Rep. 2004-06 Czech Rep. 2007-13
# DENMARK Denmark 2000-06

Denmark 2007-13

# ESTONIA Estonia 2004-06 Estonia 2007-13
# FINLAND Finland 2000-04 Finland 2007-13
# FRANCE France 1993-2006 France 2007-13
# GERMANY Germany 1990-2001; Germany 2002-07 Germany 2007-13
# GREECE   Greece 1994-99 Greece 2007-13
# HUNGARY Hungary 2004-06 Hungary 2007-13
# LATVIA Latvia 2000-06 Latvia 2007-2013
# LITHUANIA Lithuania 2007-13
# LUXEMBOURG Luxemburg 1994-2007 Luxemburg 2007-13
# MALTA Malta 2004-06  
# NETHERLANDS Netherlands 2000-08  
# POLAND Poland 2000-06 Poland 2007-13
# PORTUGAL Portugal 1991-2007  
# SLOVAKIA Slovakia 2004-06 Slovakia 2007-13
# SLOVENIA   Slovenia 2007-13
# ROMANIA   Romania 2007-13
# SPAIN Spain 2000-06 Spain 2007-13
# UK UK 2000-06 UK 2007-13

This database include a selection of recent projects and some older projects. In general information is provided by the projects and it is not cross-checked by INFORSE-Europe.

If you would like to include a project in the database, please send an email to INFORSE-Europe with short information about the project, a contact email and a website.
For projects without website, we need more information: project reference no. and information following the format of our success stories.

Success Story:
Slovakia: Environmental NGO behind the Network of Biomass Heating Plants.

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