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FRANCE (1993-2006 period)

link to 2007-13 period

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Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Wind Power and Energy Efficiency Projects:

The Answer is Blowing in the Wind (on Guadeloupe islands)

Short description: In 1993, France's first combined wind-and-diesel-powered project got going on La Désirade. Twelve 12-kW wind-powered generators were set up at an altitude of 270 m on the island's high table-land facing the open sea. The new wind-energy park can now produce about 80% of the island's power requirements. In slack local energy-demand periods, La Désirade even exports wind-generated electricity to Guadeloupe.
Total project cost: 1.45 Million EUR
EU contribution: 0.5 Million EUR

Renewable Energy Turnaround in Alsace

Short description: The project promotes renewable energy use and energy efficiency in the Alsace region, through the encouragement of investments in equipment, conducting research, creating publicity campaigns and setting up a cluster and a labelling system on low energy consumption in buildings
Time period: 2003-2005 and 2007-2013
EU Contribution: 1,900,000 EUR

Research in Energy Storage

Short description: The LRCS in the Jules Verne University in Amiers is conducting a research about energy storing, which would contribute to enhance authonomy of electrical vehicles and to improve the efficiency of renewable energy storage.
Time period: 2000-2006
Total Cost: 830,000 EUR
EU Contribution: 332,000 EUR

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