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Lithuania (2007-13 period)

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Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Projects:

Urban Homes Turn Green in Baltic Sea Region (URB.ENERGY)

Short description: Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus will improve the energy efficiency and do sustainable rehabilitation of its existing residential areas, promoting the use of renewable energy.
Period: 2009-2012
EU contribution: 2,900,000 EUR

Construction Industry Goes Green with Building Standards

Short description: The project will produce guidelines with the best practices, techniques and institutional structures about environmental considerations for buildings, and improve the building standards after making a review of the ones in place in Denmark, Germany, Lithuania and Poland.
Time period: 2009-2012
EU contribution:
1,900,000 EUR

More information: Go to Energy Efficiency Projects

Operational Programme (OP) in Lithuania in 2007-2013:

OP Cohesion Promotion ERDF: 1 475 mil. EUR; CF: 1 172 mil. EUR

Managing Authority: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Economy
Implementing Authorities: Environmental projects management agency, Lithuanian Business Support Agency, Central Project Management Agency

Priority 3: Environment and sustainable development
Measure 3.5: Energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources

Actions supported (Co-financing from ERDF and CF: 85%)
- Refurbishment and renovation of public buildings seeking to enhance their energy characteristics.
- Construction of new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and renovation of existing CHP seeking to increase their efficiency and capacity.
- Renovation and modernisation of heat boilers supplying district heating seeking to increase their efficiency and implement cogeneration.
- Refurbishment of CHP and heat boilers to use renewable energy sources or other more environmentally friendly fuels.

Eligible beneficiaries:
– Municipalities.
– Private sector.