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GERMANY (1990-2001 period)

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SF main

Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Bio Energy Projects:

Wood to Heat a School 

Short description: the Bavarian municipality of Walsdorf near Bamberg equipped the secondary school building with a biomass heating system fuelled by wood chips. Now a second biomass heating plant is being built to supply an entire new building development with heat from locally-produced agricultural products.
Time frame: 1993-1996
Total project cost: 1.1 Million EUR
EU contribution:
0.35 Million EUR

More information: Go to Bioenergy Projects

Solar Projects:

A Futuristic Business Site with PV in the Ruhr Region

Shot description: construction of Gelsenkirchen Science Park on the site of an old steelworks. A solar power station with a maximum rated output of 210 kilowatt has been erected on the roof of the science park. With this - the largest rooftop solar power station in the world - the science park shows that it is possible to use solar energy even in built-up areas in the northern hemisphere.
Total project cost: 3 Million EUR
EU contribution: 1.2 Million EUR

Sun for the Marshy Island

Short description: 24 solar power stations were built during the three-year project (implemented from 1996 to 1998).The project was backed up by an intense public awareness campaign aimed at the local population with the objective to increase the use of new forms of energy, involving, among other activities, educational visits to power stations. Today, solar power supplies 24% of the island's energy requirements.
Time frame: 1996-1998
Total project cost: 353,000 EUR
EU contribution (Leader II): 122,000 EUR

Old Baths Find Renewed Glory with Solar - Dresden

Short description: Restoration of Nordbad (public baths) with installation of environmentally-friendly technology for the baths themselves and the energy supply. Solar panels on neighbouring buildings provide electricity for heating and warm water. The solar panels are connected to the district heat system, heat pumps and extractor fans. The heat from the sauna is subsequently piped round the pool and so used twice over.
Time period: 1990-2006
Total project cost:
8.1 Million EUR
EU contribution: 3.4 Million EUR

Q-Cells AG, Thalheim, Saxony-Anhalt

Short description: Q-Cells AG was set up as an independent producer of poly- and monocrystalline solar cells. Since its inception in 1999, Q-Cells has quickly established a leading position on the global solar electricity market thanks to its leading edge manufacturing technologies. It is now among the world’s top ten cell manufacturers and is today technology pace setter in this respective industry. Q-Cells started with four people has today 220 employees, at the end of 2004 the number will be about 300.
Time Period: aprox. 1999-2004
Total project cost:
7,311,000 EUR
EU contribution: 2,727,000 EUR

More information: Go to Solar Energy Projects

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