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GREECE (1994-1999 period)

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Hydropower Projects:

Projects for Small Hydroelectric Power Stations


Short description: Nine small-scale hydroelectric power stations projects were completed successfully in the 1994-1999 period, with a total installed power of 11.5 MW.This projects are part of the European Union supported programme for developing RESs.The energy targets of these plants have been largely achieved. The implementation of these projects, despite the meteorological and geological difficulties, has promoted the transfer of experience and encouraged new applications for licenses to build and run small hydroelectric power stations.
Time period: 1994-1999
Total project cost:
17,190,000 EUR
EU contribution: 5,800,000 EUR

More information: Go to Hydropower Projects

Windpower Projects:

Projects to Exploit Wind Energy

Short description: between 1994-1999, the Greek national authorities, with European Union assistance, set up a programme to promote REs involving the establishment of wind generator parks. The proposals were assessed on the basis of a series of criteria relating to technical aspects and the choice of sites. 15 projects have been successfully completed, providing a total installed power of 119.2 MW.
Time period: 1994-1999
Total project cost: 127,993,000 EUR
EU contribution: 38,400,000 EUR

More information: Go to Windpower Projects

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