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INFORSE-Europe Secretariat
Visit Us!
We moved in January 2012 to
Klosterport 4
building F (earlier E), 1st floor
DK-8000, Aarhus C

Google Map:

T: +45 86227000
F: +45 86227096
Find Members:
Secretariat's Team

Gunnar Boye Olesen INFORSE

Gunnar Boye Olesen
INFORSE-Europe Coordinator,
Leader of the Secretariat,
Main Areas:
EU & Climate Policy, 100% RE Vision 2030/50
Editor of Sustainable Energy News
Representation at UNCSD & UNFCCC
(Denmark) representant.

Dzimitry Buronkin

Dzimitry Buronkin
INFORSE-Europe Coordinator
Main Areas:
CEE & new EU countries, education
Representant of Centre for Enrvironmental Solutions, Belarus.

Judit Szoleczky INFORSE
Judit Szoleczky
Main Areas:
Editor of Sustainable Energy News
CEE, EU & UN Climate Policy, Gender
Niki Fowler INFORSE
Niki Fowler
Main Areas:
Editor of Sustainable Energy News,
English text advice
Anette Holdensen
Annette Holdensen
Main Areas:
INFORSE-Europe's Board Members:
INFORSE-Europe's Board Members were elected for 2 years (2018-19) on the General Meeting held
after the INFORSE-Europe Sustainable Energy Seminar at Folkecenter, Denmark on August 25, 2017.
The Board was re-elected on the virtual General Meetings on November 22, 2019, and on October 23, 2020 with new alternates.

INFORSE-Europe Board Members:

  • Henning Bo Madsen (chair), SustainableEnergy (VE), Denmark
  • Ursel Beckmann, Ecoact, Germany
  • Béla Munkácsy, Environmental Planning and Educational Network, Hungary
  • Toni Vidan, Zelena Akcija, Croatia
  • Olexandra Tryboi, Renewable Energy Agency, Ukraine

INFORSE-Europe Alternate Board Members: Kostiantyn Krynytskyi, Ecoaction, Ukraine and Pete West, Dorset Community Energy, UK.

Photo of the INFORSE-Europe Board and Coordinators in Brussels at the EU's building during EUSEW:
INFORSE-Europe board and coordinators  at EUSEW 2018 in Brussels
If you are interested to be activist, please send your CV with photo and intention letter by e-mail to
Please see some of the activists and trainees, who joined our team for longer period since 2004:
Several activists join us for shorter period including:
Vanessa Buth INFORSE-Europe
  • Vanessa Buth, PhD
    Main Areas: EU Green Deal, Circular Economy
Doris Valentic Zahara Perez Arribas
  • Doris Valentic (Croatia) student of Enviornmental Management, Business Academy Aarhus (July 2018)
  • Zahara Perez Arribas (Spain), trainee. MSc. Environmental Management and Sustainability Science, Aalborg University in 2017. Master in Integrated Management Systems, Companía de Formación Empresarial, Madrid in 2015. BSc. Environmental Sciences, Alcala University, Madrid in 2014. (January-February, 2018).
Barbora Valachova
  • Barbora Valachova (Czech Republic), trainee, student of Enviornmental Management, Business Academy Aarhus (August-November, 2017).
Dheepika Tamilselvam Adrian Villanueva Martinez Fernando A. Valentin Costa Vincent Mougammadoussane
  • Dheepika Tamilselvam (India, Germany), trainee of ERASMUS program, MSc. student of Sustainable Power Engineering-Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, Germany (June-December, 2015).
  • Adrian Villanueva Martinez (Spain), trainee of Erasmus Program. Graduate of Environmental Sciences, University of Valencia, Spain. (October-December, 2015).
  • Fernando A. Valentin Costa (Spain), trainee of ERASMUS program, MSc. International Studies, University of Barcelona. (June-September, 2015).
  • Vincent Mougammadoussane (France), trainee, MSc. Environmental Law, University of Pantheon - Sorbonne. (July-August, 2015).
Inna Kutsyk Adam Harmat
  • Adam Harmat (Hungary), trainee of ERASMUS program, MSc. student of Geography - Spatial Planning, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary. (March-May, 2013).
  • Inna Kutsyk (Estonia), trainee of Aarhus Business Academy, BSc. Environmental Science. (August-October, 2013).
  • Ana González Gil (Spain), trainee of EU Leonardo program, MSc. Environmental Science, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona in 2009. Biology Degree at Salamanca University in 2008, (May-July, 2012).
  • Yulia Shmorgun (Russia), trainee of Aarhus Business Academy, BSc. Environmental Science, (August-October, 2012).

  • Anand Prabu Pathanjali (India), trainee of ERASMUS program, MSc. student from Sustainable Energy Supply, Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus, Germany (August-December, 2011).
  • Kate Stanley (USA), trainee, student of Anthropology, Wheaton College, MA, USA (May-June, 2011).
  • Kyle Stuart Herman (USA), trainee, MA student, International Studies, University of San Francisco, USA (August-November, 2011).
  • Dorthe Wolfsgruber Jensen (Denmark), trainee, Århus School of Business, Århus University, Denmark, (September-December, 2010)
  • Paula Rico Díaz (Spain), trainee of ARGO EU Leonardo program, IUOG international cooperation project management, post graduate student in 2010, University Degree at Rey Juan Carlos Environmental Science (December, 2010)
  • Krisztina Krassován, (Hungary) trainee, ELTE University PhD student (May-June, 2010)
  • Marius Koch (Germany), trainee, HTW-Berlin (May-June, 2010)
  • Lauren Gross, (USA) activist, student Chaos Pilot in Aarhus Denmark (part time, November 2009 - January, 2010)
  • Sonia Béthencourt (France), trainee, IEP Grenoble student (May-July, 2008)
  • Sinan and Yalim (Turkey), activists, Aarhus University students (one day a week, April-July, 2008)
  • Marisa Botella Botella (Spain), trainee of BECAS-FARO EU Leonardo program (October-December, 2007)
  • Veronica Arribas Arcos (Spain), trainee of BECAS-FARO EU Leonardo program (October-December, 2007)
  • Cristina Hidalgo Romero (Spain), trainee of ARGO EU Leonardo program (August-November, 2006)
  • Abigáil Tascón García (Spain), trainee of ARGO EU Leonardo program (March-June, 2006)
  • Suzanne Slarsky, (USA) activist (part time, September-October, 2005)
  • Magalie Séron, (France) activist (August-September, 2005)
  • Guillermo Martin Cenizo (Spain), trainee of ARGO EU Leonardo program (March-June, 2005)
  • Jeppe Petersen, (Denmark) trainee from a primary school (January, 2005)
  • Kasia Wypchol, (Poland) trainee from PKE OG Poland, Phare project (August, 2004)

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