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HUNGARY (2004-06 period)

Link to 2007-13 Period Link to KIOP/EIOP Projects

SF main

Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Solar Energy Projects:

Green Energy for the Hospital of Szeged
Short description:The hospital of the city of Szeged has renovated its heating system, installed solar panels and improved its efficiency, leading to energy savings and becoming a model for its population.
Time period: 2004-2005
Total project cost: 1,460,000 EUR
EU contribution: 566,000 EUR

More info: Go to Solar Energy Projects

Geothermal Energy Projects:

Kistelek Shows Potential for Geothermal Power
Short description: In the small town of Kistelek, Hungary, a well of 1700 meters deep has been drilled to provide thermal water to eight public institutions.
Time period: 2005-2007
EU contribution: 1,160,000 EUR

More info: Go to Geothermal Energy Projects


Structural Fund Projects on Energy in Hungary 2004-2006

(Note: 250-270 HUF= 1 EUR)
(This document was updated in December 2007, November 8, 2006)

The Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Operational Programme (EIOP: in Hungarian KIOP) is one of the five comprehensive programs of the Hungarian National Development Plan (NDP in Hungarian NFT) for the EU programming period of 2004-2006.

Head of the Managing Authority is the Ministry of Economy and Transport (MoET/GKM), in co-operation with the Ministry of Environment and Water (MoEW). The implementation of the programme is the responsibility of the EIOP/KIOP Managing Authority (EIMA). The EIMA delegates some of its tasks to Intermediate Bodies. The issue of energy is delegated to the Energy Centre Public Benefit Company (Energia Központ Kht.)

The EIOP/KIOP’s total budget for the 2004-2006 program period is 440.3 Million EUR (112.3 Mrd HUF), which corresponds to the 13,3% of the financial sources of the NDP/NFT. Of this, 327.2 Million EUR is community support, more than 113 Million EUR comes from the national budget. The community sources are ensured from the EU Structural Fund (SF): European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Energy Part of KIOP/EIOP for the Industry and Municipalities:

In 2004-06, the budget for the KIOP/EIOP's "Environmentally Friendly Development of Energy Management" budget line was about 23 Million EUR (6.1 Mrd HUF). This was shared in two major program line:

- Increase of Public and Industrial Energy Efficiency: 42 % for 23 projects

- Utilization of Renewable Energy Resources: 58% on 20 projects
From which:
-- Biogas: 33 % for 2 projects Go to Bioenergy projects

-- Wind: 31% for 11 projects Go to Windpower projects
-- Geothermal: 20 % for 4 projects Go to Geothermal projects
-- Hydro: 9 % for 1 project Go to Hydropower projects
-- Biomass: 7 % for 2 projects Go to Bioenergy projects

The 43 KIOP/EIOP energy projects can be seen in a Project-Table collected from Hungarian official sites mentioned below)

More information on KIOP/EIOP and Energy projects on official sites:

- KIOP project statistics was available as part of the web site of the GKM (Economic and Transport Ministry), but it is stopped after the Ministry was reorganised. According to this statistics: the projects were divided to: 29 energy projects (34.52%), 37 environment projects (44.05%), and 18 transport projects (21.43%).
Download the English Description of KIOP: (pdf file 2 MB )

- The winning energy applications of KIOP/EIOP also can be seen at:
Energy Centre's KIOP site (In Hungarian, 44 projects 2004-2005 updated in 2007) (60kB pdf file)

- The National Development Agency (NFU in Hungarian) had a link to 174 projects. This link was moved to a new page, where you can search for supported projects according to theme and place. It finds 42 projects when you search for KIOP 1.7.0 Energy and Environment under NFT (National Development Plan 2004-06).

Support Scheme for Private People on Energy (NEP):
Amount: about 2 Mrd HUF (about 7.7 Million EUR)

Support for Energy Conservation for Private People (NEP-2006-1)
Budget expected: 1.2 Mrd HUF (about 4.7 Million EUR) (originally 800 Million HUF to 2800 projects)

Support for More Use of Renewable Energy for Private People (NEP-2006 -2) Solar Thermal collectors for heating
Budget expected: 800 Million HUF (about 3 Million EUR) (originally 183 Million HUF to 500 projects)

The number of application in 2006 exceeded all expectations. It was announced in March 2006 and after 2 weeks it has to be closed because of the big interest. There were 7,500 applications, and about 6,600 receives funding. The funds are distributed continuously still at the end of 2006.
This was the result that in 2005 there were no funding announced, and in 2004 the NEP 2004 budget was 200 Million HUF. There is no online information about who got funding in 2004.

The support was limited to 30 % of the investment. The amount was limited to maximum 300-600,000 HUF depending on the aim. In case of only a solar collector the maximum was 300,000 HUF (1200 EUR).

The winners can be seen at the following web sites:

Energy Center: Application Funded in NEP 2006 (pdf file 160 KB)

Technical Assistance to Administration, Web sites, Courses:

In 2004-2006, the Technical Assistance budget line of KIOP was about 2.4 Mrd HUF. From this about 12 % was received by the Energy Center (292 Million HUF).

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