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SF: Geothermal

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2007-2013 Period:

Update: May 2010

Support for geothermal energy under the period of 2007-2013 period.

The number of applications for projects were higher than in the previous period.

Detailed information about the supported projects until May 2010 Table (pdf file 115 kB).

More information and related links can be found in country page on
Hungary 2007-13.

2004-2006 Period:

In 2004-2006, Hungarian Ministry approved 4 Geothermal energy projects co-financed with SF:

  1. Project: Geothermal Energy
    Beneficiary: Kistelek Town Municipality
    Place: Kistelek (Csongrád, South-Alföld)
    EU contribution: 1,160,000 EUR

    Project description:
    The small town of Kistelek, in the south of Hungary, has drilled a well to thermal water 1700 meters deep that is providing thermal water to eight public institutions that have then change its heating system. This change has made them reduce a 10% its heating supply and also save money. The Kistelek project sets an example for other local councils in Hungary where there is plenty of thermal water that can be used in for heating.

    Time frame
    : 2005-2007

    More information:
    - European Commission regional policy website: Link
    - Hungarian National Development Agency

  2. Project: District Heating using Geothermal Energy
    Beneficiary: Bóly Town Municipality
    Place: Bóly (Baranya, South-West)
    EU contribution: ~ 1 Million EUR
  3. Project: Using Geothermal Energy to Heat and Hot water in 17 Municipality Buildings
    Beneficiary: Veresegyház Town Municipality
    Place: Veresegyház (Pest, Mid Hungary)
    EU contribution: ~0.5 Million EUR
  4. Project: Heat Pump heat/cool System at the Monicomp ltd using Geothermal Energy
    Beneficiary: MONICOMP Computer and Trade ltd
    Place: Páty (Pest, Mid Hungary)
    EU contribution: ~0.15 Million EUR

More information and related links can be found in country page on Hungary 2004-06.


The Soft Energy of Volcanoes

The SOGEO Company has built two geothermal power plants with 5 and 9 MW in the Cachacos-Lombadas region and has rebuilt one at Pico Vermelho increasing the power by 10 MW. In 2007 geothermal power were expected to deliver 161 GWh, a 38% of the archipelago´s electricity supplies. Another projects of SOGEO and Geoterceira are expected. The technology employed has proven to be reliable and the project economically viable, and it has reduced the energy dependence of the island.
Apart from that, the energy source is totally clean, which it is very important for a region renowned for the exceptional quality of its environment.

Time period: aprox.1991-1999
Total project cost: 19,616,864 EUR
EU contribution:
9,808,432 EUR

More information:
- European Commission regional policy website: Link

-SOGEO website


In 2005, the Slovak Ministry of Economy approved 5 projects oriented on utilization of geothermal energy for funding from SF:

  1. Project title: Utilization of Geothermal Energy in Bardonovo Sources and Distribution of Heat.
      MAGMA ZAFÍR, s.r.o., district of Nitra
    Allocated grant: 15.18 mil. SKK (1EUR = 37.5 SKK)
  2. Project title: Geothermally heated Swimming Pool Vincov les, Sladkovicovo.
      City of Sladkovicovo, district of Trnava
    Allocated grant: 100.00 mil. SKK (1EUR = 37.5 SKK)
  3. Project title: Utilization of Geothermal Potential of Geothermal Source L-1 for Energy Purposes - feasibility study.
    Beneficiary:  REP s.r.o., district of Presov
    Allocated grant: 3.96 mil. SKK (1EUR = 37.5 SKK)
  4. Project title: Geothermal Boring near Kastiel Tovarniky.
      FKL a brat, spol. s.r.o., district of Nitra
    Allocated grant: 54.13 mil. SKK (1EUR = 37.5 SKK)
  5. Project title: Heat Pump.
      TRADEINVEST SERVICE, spol. s r.o., district of Zilina
    Allocated grant: 0.391 mil. SKK (1EUR = 37.5 SKK)

More information and related links can be found in country page on Slovak Republic.

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