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CZECH REPUBLIC (2007-13 period)

SF main

Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Operational Programme (OP) in Czech Republic in 2007-2013:

OP Environment Cohesion Fund:
4 215 mil. EUR; ERDF: 702 mil. EUR

Managing Authority: Ministry of Environment
Implementing Authority: State Environmental Fund

Priority 3: Sustainable use of energy
Measure 3.1: Construction of the new installations and a reconstruction with the aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources for heat and electricity production and support for combined heat and power (CHP) production.

Actions supported (Co-financing from CF: 85% ):
- Solar systems for the heat and hot water production and distribution.
- PV systems for electricity production.
- Heat pumps for the heat and hot water production and distribution.
- Biomass boilers for the heat and hot water production and distribution and electricity production.
- CHP units for production of heat and electricity from biomass, biogas.
- Geothermal systems.
- Wind farms.
- Small hydro power plants.

Eligible beneficiaries:
- Public sector (municipalities, hospitals,schools, social houses, etc.).
- Autonomous districts (municipalities,regions).
- Foundations.
- Charity and church organisations.
- Public institutions.
- NGOs.
- Landlords associations.
- Companies owned by public sector institutions.

Priority 3: Sustainable use of energy
Measure 3.2.: Implementation of energy efficiency measures and use of waste heat

Actions supported (Co-financing from CF: 85%)
- Thermal insulation of buildings.
- Replacement of windows.
- Heat bridges minimization.
- Measuring and regulation.
- Increase of efficiency of building energy systems.
- Use of the waste heat for heat and electricity production.

Eligible beneficiaries:
– Non-commercial sector (excluding family and panel houses)

Priority 3: Sustainable use of energy
Measure 3.3.: Environmentally friendly heating systems for physical persons

Actions supported Co-financing (from CF): 85%
- Installation of renewable energy systems for heat and hot water production (e.g. biomass, solar panels; heat pumps, waste heat use etc.).

Eligible beneficiaries:
- Physical persons (support for family houses used for living)

OP Business and Innovation: ERDF: 3 040 mil. EUR

Managing Authority: Ministry of Industry and Trade
Implementing Authority: Czech Energy Agency

Priority 3: Efficient Energy
Operation 3.1.1: Energy savings and renewable energy sources

Actions supported (Co-financing from ERDF: 85%)

- Distribution of electricity and heat energy made of renewable energy sources.
- Reconstruction of existing production equipment with the aim to utilize energy renewable sources.
- Briquette and pellet production utilizing energy renewable sources and alternative energy sources.
- Modernisation of existing energy production devices to increase their efficiency.
- Introduction and modernisation of measuring and regulation systems.
- Modernisation, reconstruction and decrease of losses in energy and heat distribution systems.
- Utilize waste energy in industrial processes.
- Improve thermal-technical properties of buildings, excluding family houses and residential buildings.
- Increase energy efficiency via introduction of combined electricity and heat production.
- Support for the entrepreneurship in Energy Performance Contracting and energy services.

Eligible beneficiaries:
- Commercial subjects (small, medium, big sized companies 2) by course of law §2 Law No. 513/1991 Coll.2.
- Support from this programme to large companies will be provided only if the company is not a multinational company or is not a part of such company and the number of company´s employees does not exceed 1250.
- Physical persons.
- Research institutes
- Universities.

Priority 3: National support for regional development
Measure 3.4.: Modernisation and development of urban planning systems

Actions supported (Co-financing from ERDF: 85%)
- Improvement of urban planning to increase attractiveness and quality of living in declining urban areas.
- Sustainable use of energy sources.

Eligible beneficiaries:
- Municipalities and the organisations managed by municipalities.
- Regions and organisations managed by regions.