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UNITED KINGDOM (2000-06 period)

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SF main

Countries Solar Wind Hydro Bio Geo Efficiency

Bio Energy Projects:


Woodheat - Devon
Short description: Modern wood fueled boilers for wood residues.
Total project cost: £ 1,873,638.28 (~2.8 Million EUR)
EU contribution: £ 470,000 (~ 0.7 Million EUR)


Biomass Power Plant - Western Log

Short description: Installation, commission and operation a state-of-the-art, advanced combustion 10 MW biomass power plant in the Neath Port Talbot local authority area.
Project Cost: £34,437,416 (~ 51 Million EUR)
ERDF Grant: £9,350,000 (~ 14 Million EUR)

Preseli Community Biomass Project

Short description: Installation of sustainable carbon neutral heating to a rural community, by installing biomass pellet boilers in the community centre / Secondary School, Leisure Centre and the Primary School.
Project Cost: £102,787 (~ 0.15 Million EUR)
ERDF Grant: £55,761 (~ 0.08 Million EUR

More information: Go to Bioenergy Projects

Hydropower Projects:


Wave Dragon - Wave Energy Power Plant

Short description: To construct, test, monitor and refine a novel renewable wave energy technology at a full scale in a marine environment with the aim of commencing fully commercial developments on the project site.
Project Cost: £3,240,800 (~ 5 Million EUR)
ERDF Grant: £755,020 (~ 1.1 Million EUR)

Llechwedd Hydro Project
Short description: Development of a sustainable renewable energy and water management scheme replacing two existing D/C power units with new modern hydropower A/C plants, in order to maximise the energy resource; and to provide connection to the National grid.
Project Cost: £709,422 (~ 1 Million EUR)
ERDF Grant: £195,947 (~ 0.3 Million EUR)


Eigg Goes Green
Short description: The island of Eigg, Scotland, now generating the 95% of the energy they consume with renewable sources
Time period: 2000-2006
EU Contribution: 667,770 EUR

More information: Go to Hydropower Projects

Solar Projects:


Photovoltaic Array for Powys County Council Head Quarters Building

Short description: installation of a photovoltaic (PV) array on a largely unshaded, south-facing roof on the existing headquarters building of the municipality.
Project cost: 88,000 EUR
40% (35,200 EUR)

Dyfi Eco Valley Partnership's Renewable Energy Project

Short description: to encourage local people to carry out small-scale schemes using various renewable energy technologies through a partnership and establish some "community-based"renewable energy installations.
Total project cost:
541,000 EUR
ERDF Grant
: 155,000 EUR

More information: Go to Solar Energy Projects

Windpower Projects:


Community Wind Turbine

Short description: Installation of a second-hand 75kW Vestas wind turbine, at Cilgwyn, near Machynlleth in Mid-Wales that benefits local people.
Project cost: £81,500 (~ 0.1 Million EUR )
ERDF Grant
: £19,500 (~ 0.03 Million EUR)

More information: Go to Windpower Projects

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