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# EU Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE)

ENERCITIES - This project offers a fun and exciting 3D game-based learning platform for young people to understand the real-life implications of energy management and change their attitudes and behaviour in the future. (Project in 2008-2011) Read more.
The game can be played in 6 languages: English Dutch German Greek Spanish Slovenian

EURONET 50/50 & MAX- 50/50 European Network of Education Centers.
50+ Schools in 9 Countries Increase their Funding by 50% of their own Energy Savings: Successful Program Spreading from Germany. (Project: 2009-2012), and Phase 2 which reached to 500 schools (2013-2016) and the material is available in 15 languages..
Read more.
Website's frame is also published in the partners' languages: Spanish

IUSES - Intelligent Use of Energy at School. Behaviour Tool Kits & Awards in 14 Countries. (Project in 2008-2011)
Read more.

SIEU - Schools for Intelligent Energy Use. 114 Vocational Schools in 9 Countries Spreading a Dutch Success. (Project in 2009-2011)
Read more.

YES - Young Energy Savers.
Cartoon Animation Films in 5 countries and a WWF Approach. (Project in 2008-2010)
Read more.

Material in

YEP! - Young Energy People.
INFORSE-member, SWEA, is the coordinator of the School-Workplace Partnerships: Teens from 50 schools share their energy-management lessons with community employers in 7 countries
. (Project in 2007-2010)
Read more.

Material in

# Belgium

Symbiose, a newsletter about environmental-related projects and issues more
Material in

# Denmark

The School Energy Forum (SEF/OVE, INFORSE member) Read more

Climate Caravan (OVE, INFORSE member and others) Read more (added/update in 2009-2010)

# France

Nicolas Hulot School Project in Branféré Read more.

# Germany

Interactive Energy Infotainment Park Artefact (INFORSE member). Read more.

# Ireland

Children: The Powerful People. More: Article from Sustainable Energy News # 33 in 2001 pdf file (40 kB)

# Norway

Kindergarten in Norway: article in Sustainable Energy News #33, 2001 (37 kB pdf file)

# Poland

Inspire Concern for the Earth (PKE, INFORSE member) Read more.

# Romania

Kyoto Club Read more.

# Spain - Cuba

International Conference Santiago'05 Read more.

# UK and US

Saving Energy in Schools. More: Article from Sustainable Energy News #33 in 2001, pdf file (154 kB)

Caretakers, Global Network of Secondary School Teachers and Students
How to be involved: here

# Wales (UK)

Sustainable Schools Award Scheme Read more.

Mobile Unit in Wales Community Energy (WWEC, INFORSE member) Read more.
Mobile Unit in Wales Educan (WWEC, INFORSE member) Read more.

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