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# World - Climate
Climate Change Science for the NGOs and School Teachers,
based on The IPCC 4th Assessment Report.
By INFORSE-Europe, 2007
(266 kB word doc)

# Europe
Kyoto in the Home (Teaching material developed by an EU Project in 2006-2009 January) more
ENglish Polish Hungarian romanian italian Csech Slovak Spanish GReek

Green Pack (developed since 2003, updated with climate sections in 2008, and and dilammas & tests in 2012) (more)
Different versions available in ENglish Russian Turkish Bulgarian, in Polish Czech Slovak Hungarian,
in Balkan countries Macedonian Serbia Albanian, as well as Central Asian countries.

# EU
Energy Efficiency with Labels (118 kB word doc)
By INFORSE-Europe, 2008

# Bulgaria
Green Pack is available in Bulagrian (more)

# Canada

Education Material about Climate Change more

# Denmark

The Energy Owl Course (SEF/OVE, INFORSE member) more

Danish Museum on Electricity more

Think Quest on Energy Production more

# Finland

Material about Climate more

# Greece
Education Material on Climate & Energy (Mediterranean SOS Network - INFORSE-member) more

# France

Background Information about Environment more

Exhaustive Educational Material about Renewable Energy more

"Climax" Exhibition Material about Climate Change more

# Hungary

Renewable Energy Teaching Material for high school students more

Educational Toolkit on Climate Change, and Interactive Posters on Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy Resources (Energy Club - INFORSE member) more

Where is the Energy? - Handbook for Teachers (Energy Club - INFORSE-member) more

# Norway

Metering the Effect of Energy Efficiency, (SPARE/NN, INFORSE member) more

Travelling and Energy Consumption (SPARE/NN, INFORSE member) more

# Malta

Energy School Leaflet (M.E.E.R.E.A INFORSE member) more

# Poland

Lesson Plans (PKE, INFORSE member) more
In Polish and in English

Video Film on biomass and small hydro power in Poland (PKE, INFORSE member)

# Romania

Video Film Script on solar cooker, solar car, dynamo, wind, in Romania (Earth Friends INFORSE member)
The scripts are in English

# Russia
Green Pack is available in Russian (more)

# Turkey
Green Pack is available in Turkish (more)

# Wales (UK)

Lessons from the Sea Empress Oil Spill CD (WWEC INFORSE member) more

Your World Your Choice' / 'Eich Byd Eich Dewis' CD Rom (free to INFORSE members) (WWEC INFORSE member) more

Renewable Energy Fact Sheets (WWEC INFORSE member) WWEC website (not available anymore)

A large scale of environmental material Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT, INFORSE-Member) more

10 reasons to examine energy in school (WWEC INFORSE member) more

Energy is Save or Waste? (WWEC INFORSE member) more

Webquest (WWEC INFORSE member) more

# Spain

Solar Energy-Schools Net more

Solarizate school activities more

Material on environmental education more

# United-Kingdom and United-States

Climate changes resources Low Carbon Innovation Centre, UK more

The Sustainable Schools Award Scheme (Pembrokeshire) (WWEC INFORSE member) more

Suschools more

GLOBE-UK Program on Weather and Climate more

Medies Initiative Environment and Sustainability more

CREATE, Centre for Research, Education, and Training in Energy more

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