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# Denmark

Collection of Web-Based Games (SEF- OVE, INFORSE Member)
Read English Reviews of Several Games
(new games added in 2007-2010)

EU Climate Negotiation Role Play Game
(VE, Energy Service Denmark)
Read English Short Review (Developed in 20013-14)

Ecoville - Kyoto in the Home, Online game more (New 2008, Contest)
ENglish Polish Hungarian romanian italian Csech Slovak Spanish GReek

Become Eco-Agents and Help Protect the Environment
Organisation: EEA
Languages: All official EU languages + 3 languages: (Started: 2008) More

Honoloko Island : An Island to Learn How to Care for Health and the Environment
Organisation: EEA, WHO-Europe.
Languages: All official EU languages + 3 languages. More

# France

Card & Role Play 'Kids4energy' (cost 8 EUR) more
Instructions can be downloaded in

Colouring Book (free download) more

Solix Game on Renewable Energy (cost 39 EUR) more

Solix Book on Renewable Energy more

Environment Quiz (Web-based Interactive Game) more

Kyogami: Make Kyoto a Game more

# Romania

Renewable Energy Book to Colour (free download) (Earth Friends, INFORSE member) more

# Spain

Journey through Energies (Web-based Interactive Game) more

Water (Web-based Interactive Game) more

The Great Role of Forest (Web-based Interactive Game) more

Glass Recycling (Web-based Interactive Game) more

Water Management (Web-based Interactive Game) more

# United-Kingdom, United States, and New Zealand

Energy Quest more

Environmental Kids Club more

Electro City game (Web-based interactive game), New Zealand more

# Wales

Puzzles (free download) (West Wales ECO Centre, INFORSE member) more

Energy Challenge (free download) (West Wales ECO Centre, INFORSE Member) more

Earthworks (Web-based Interactive Game) (West Wales ECO Centre, INFORSE Member) more

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