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Mobile Exhibition Unit

West Wales Eco Centre
(not available anymore)


age group
over 16
Renewable energy
To take information about renewable technologies to schools and events

trailer  Proven 600 turbine  wood pellet stove

control panel  solar hot water demo  

Wind Turbine
The turbine can be folded down into its structure to make it safe for storage and travelling. It can generate up to 600W @ 10 m/s. The turbine blades are slightly concave to allow it to shut down during very high wind speeds. The turbine generates 3 phase A/C electricity which is passed through the grey box and changed into D/C to be stored in the battery.

Solar Photovoltaic Cells
There are 4 PV collectors on the roof of the unit producing 85 W/p each. The cells are Mono-Crystalline with an efficiency value of at least 15%. The cells are also equipped to deal with shading, a feature which isn’t normally available with Mono-Crystalline panels. The electricity produced by these is D/C and can be fed straight into the battery.

Biomass wood pellet stove
The stove is remote controlled and equipped with a thermostat. It can generate up to 5kW of heat. It is manually fed with wood pellets.

The batteries store D/C electricity. They have a storage value of 880 amps @ 20 hours and 1000 @ 100 hours. It has a total storage capacity of 12,000 kWh. The batteries themselves are Gel valve regulated lead acid, which means in short that they are very low maintenance.

Weather Station
The weather station has a digital display which shows wind speed and direction, temperature etc.

The inverter produces A/C electricity for lighting and various plug outlets. It can produce up to 800W or 1200 for half and hour maximum.

Big grey box
The electricity produced by the wind turbine is passed through this box and changed into D/C electricity. The box also has a dump load which means that if too much electricity is generated it can be dumped as heat through vents at the side.

Computer and Video/DVD
The computer will act as a visual tool for enquirers and will monitor all the systems on the unit. Groups will be shown informative videos on various subjects.

Demonstration of renewable technologies to schools, community groups and at events
Description and Evaluation

The trailer was over engineered for educational purposes, much of the information was too technical for school pupils. However it certainly had impact and was an effective tool to communicate with interested individuals at promotional events. In 2005, unfortunately, it was involved in an accident and is beyond repair. A new mobile unit is now being planned.