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Publication on Climate & Energy
Mediterranean SOS Network
age group
Primary school children
Mediterranean SOS Network, in the framework of a project of INFORSE-Europe Energy and Climate Education in Schools in 2005:
- developed and published an educational material in Greek for teachers that focus on climate change and sustainable energy solutions.
- developed a power point presentations, which was also presented in schools

The Publication for teachers on climate change and sustainable energy solutions is an effort to help the teacher and people involved in environmental education to present and inform children about difficult complicated ideas like climate change.


The Publication is comprised of three parts:

1. Presentation for children. It explains with very simple language and many metaphors the greenhouse effect, the problem of climate change and the alternatives that exist and can help to avoid dangerous climate change.It explains the issue with metaphors. The presentation title and subtitles are the following:
The climate is changing! Why should I care?
· Earth has fever
· Why is Earth ill?
· Where is the problem?
· When will the fever drop?
· What is the medicine?
· What can I do?

2. Information to the teacher.This part gives the teacher detailed information about the causes and impacts of climate change, the international policies and the situation in Greece. Then a detailed explanation of the renewable energy sources follows, giving definitions, explanations of their function, how they protect the climate and the environment.
It gives information for: wind energy, photovoltaic, solar heating, biomass, geothermal, hydroelectric energy, wave energy, hydrogen, cogeneration of heat and electricity, energy savings: the cleanest form of energy. The booklet gives an exhaustive list of advices of how to reduce energy consumption with simple things people can do in their houses.

3. Activities for the children
Idea for teacher for activities in the classroom that will help children to better understand the problem of climate change and the solutions proposed. These activities are group discussions, crosswords, games.
At the end the booklet gives 6 ideas that the children can do to motivate others (friends, family, teachers, and municipality) to take action to prevent climate change.

The power point presentation
The power point presentation is based on the publication to present it to school children

Download the Publication in Greek(pdf 2.9 MB)

There were four people involved in this project who developed and presented the material: Stelios Psomas, Christina Papageorgiou, Melita Lazaratou, Nikos Chrysogelos.
Description and Evaluation
By the end of 2005, the publication was published and the power point presentation was presented in 62 children. Two presentations were made in schools in December 2005. The presentations took place in two primary schools, the 1st Primary School of Athens and the 3rd Primary School of Voula. 3 teachers were involved in this activity and 62 children. The activity continues in 2006 with more presentations and contacts in schools of Greece.