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National Projects in 2007
Seminars: November-December 2007
Poland, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovakia, Romania,
France, Portugal, Denmark, Russia
A large number of national INFORSE-Europe activities were taking place in 2007:
December 15-16, 2007
Place: Istambul, Turkey
Title: Use of EU Policies for Sustainable Energy
Eurosolar Turkey,
att. Baha Kuban

Read more:
Seminar in Istambul, and Project

Eurosolar Turkey organized a seminar in Istanbul, on December 15-16, regarding policy for an energy supply based predominantly on renewable energy resources as well as on energy efficiency. The seminar essentially dealt with the legislatory activities of the recent governments regarding EU energy policy harmonization. In this context we analysed existing law pertaining to renewable energy and energy efficiency, comparing and evaluating them in the light of energy policy in the EU. Opinions on the newly prepared directives of the energy-efficiency law gathered to inform the government.
Date: December 14, 2007
Place: Katowice, Poland
Title: EU Policy
Polish Ecological Club (PKE), FoE,
att. Krystyna Kubica
Read more:
Seminar in Katowice and Project
PKE was working on EU policy formulation and implementation. PKE developed proposals for better implementation, including better use of structural funds. As part of this was organising a seminar in Katowice, and preapared a publication.
Date: November 29, 2007
Place: Skopje, Macedonia
Title: European Energy Treaty Implementation, Skopje, Macedonia

Contact: Eco-Sens,
att. Julijana Daskalov
Read more: Seminar in Skopje and Project
Eco-sense in Macedonia was developing proposals for the Macedonian government on how to introduce the agreements in the European Energy Treaty in ways that improve the environment and conditions for sustainable energy. As part of that it organised a seminar in Skopje.

Date: November 28, 2007
Place: Bratislava, Slovakia
Title: Structural Funds and Short-Term Actions for Sustainable Energy in Slovakia

Contact: FAE, Foundation for Alternative Energy
att. Emil Bedi
Read more:
- Seminar
- Structural Funds (database overview)
- Structural Funds
(Main page)
- Sustainable Energy in Slovakia (in Slovak)

Foundation for Alternative Energy (FAE) developing a proposal to help Slovakia, a country with particularly high dependence on imported energy, to implement the new EU energy policy objectives with proven short- and medium-term measures for renewable energy and energy efficiency. FAE was also following EU policy implementation and formulation with a special emphasis on the use of structural funds. This was discussed at a seminar in Bratislava on October 19, and results were presented at another seminar, also in Bratislava in November.

Date: November 27, 2007
Place: Braila, Romania
Date: November 23, 2007
Bucharest, Romania
Title: Sustainable Energy in Romania
Contact: Prietenii Pamantului (Earth Friends)
att. Ion Constantine Zamfir

Read more:
- Seminar in Braila
- Seminar in Bucharest
- Vision 2050
(Vision for Romania, Back ground material in English)

In this new EU country, INFORSE activities focused on use of structural funds and other EU policies as well as on a vision for a sustainable energy future for Romania. The organisation Earth Friends was developing proposals for use of structural funds and searching for good examples from other countries. This was presented to national authorities and stakeholders at a seminar in Bucharest, in cooperation with other INFORSE members in Romania, and to local authorities and other local actors in Braila.

Earth Friends launched SPARE in Romania.SPARE was tested in 5 schools.
Other National and International activities:
France: EU Policy Formulation
Contact: CLER, France
att. Raphael Claustre
Read more:
- CLER's website
(in French)
- CLERinfos
(bi-monthly magazine in French)
The French national network CLER was following EU policy formulation and implementation together with its members and other NGOs in France. Intensive lobbying has being done within the wide national consultation on environment called “Grenelle de l’environnement”.
Articles were published in CLERinfos.
CLER, and others NGOs have been also preparing activities to follow the 2008 start of a French EU presidency.
Portugal: EU Policy formulation and Introducing Sustainable-Energy Education, “SPARE”
Contact: Almargem, Portugal
att. Cecile Godinho
Read more:
(Description in English)
(Almargem 's web site in Portuguese)
As an INFORSE member, Almargem was following EU policy formulation together with other Portuguese NGOs.
Almargem made preparation launching SPARE in Portugal.
Denmark: Follow EU Policies
Contact: OVE, Denmark
att. Gunnar Boye Olesen, Ejvin Beuse
Read more:
- OVE's website (in Danish)
- Vision 2050
(Vision for Denmark, Background material in English)
OVE, The Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy, was following the development of EU policies and was delivering inputs to the Danish government on specific policies with proposals.
Russia and other previous CIS Countries:
Read more:
- INFORSE-Europe Schhool activities
- SPARE Activities
SPARE activities.