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INFORSE-Europe Seminar:
December 15-16, 2007, Istanbul, Turkey
Seminar in Turkey,
INFORSE posters at the Seminar, and
the organisers from Euosolar-Turkey:
Dr. Bahab Kuban and
Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar.

December 15-16, 2007
Place: Istanbul, Turkey
Title: Use of EU Policies for Sustainable Energy
att. Baha Kuban

Program: pdf file (32kB) (English)
word.doc (Turkish on the Eurosolar-Turkey web site)
Proceedings: See below as pdf files and at Eurosolar-Turkey (Turkish as pps files)

The Global Energy Picture, INFORSE's Visions and EU Policy
Presentation by Gunnar Boye Olesen (handout 287 kB) (English)

On December 15-16, 2007, INFORSE-Europe and Eurosolar Turkey brought together in Istanbul 25 participants from ministries, regional environmental NGOs in the TURCEP-Platform, universities, municipalities etc. to discuss EU and Turkish policies for sustainable energy.

Turkey is in a special situation with unusually high economic growth combined with little emphasis on energy efficiency and some imports of inefficient products.
This leads to high growth in energy consumption and, as a result, increasing proposals for coal and nuclear power. Just a month ago, the Turkish government changed its previous decision against nuclear power, so now it is looking for nuclear investors. At the same time, Turkish renewable-energy production is increasing, in particular solar heating and windpower. At a recent call for windpower proposals, developers proposed projects for a total of 78,000 MW, far more than the plans for coal and nuclear power combined. The government will limit the windpower development; but it remains to be seen how much.
At the seminar, participants also discussed energy-efficiency regulation in Turkey. Turkey has adopted a law on energy efficiency in buildings and in industry that implement the EU building performance directive, but it has not adopted the necessary secondary legislation. As a result, the important energy-efficiency requirements for buildings are not in place yet in Turkey. At the seminar, proposals for this secondary legislation were discussed. Eurosolar-Turkey (Dr. Bahab Kuban and Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar) are working to coordinate inputs to this legislation and will now follow-up with proposals to the Turkish ministries of energy and settlements.

EU Renewable Energy Regulations and Turkey
By Dr. Baha Kuban & Dr. Tanay Sidki Uyar, (handout 473 kB) (Turkish)
· A General Outlook on “Energy” in EU
· History of Renewable Energy Legislation Procedure in EU
· Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies in EU

Overview of the Photovoltaic Sector in Turkey and Legislation
By Haluk Sayar, (handout 299 kB) (Turkish)
· A Brief Introduction to Solar Energy in Turkey
· Legislations on Photovoltaics in Turkey
· Subsidies on Photovoltaics in Industrialised Countries and Subsidy Possibilities in Turkey
· Constituting a National Photovoltaic Sector

RES Electricity Directive (2001/77/EC), Developments and Comparison with Turkish Legislation
By Zerrin Tas Altuntasoglu, (handout 504 kB) (Turkish)
· RES-Electricity Directive 2001/77/EC
· EU Commision Evaluation Reports & Policy Recommendations
· Current Laws on RES in Turkey
· A Comparative Study of Turkish Legislation and RES-Electricity Directive 2001/77/EC

The Global Energy Picture, INFORSE’s Visions and EU Policy
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, (handout 287 kB) (English)
· Global Warming, Fossil and Nuclear Limits
· INFORSE’s EU-27 Vision
· Policy Recommendations for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency