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INFORSE-Europe Seminar:
November 23, 2007, Bucharest, Romania
Program, Proceedings

November 23, 2007 / 23 noiembrie 2007
Sustainable Energy for Romania / Energie durabila pentru România
Hall of Casa Universitarilor, Bucharest / Casa Universitarilor, Bucuresti

Seminar was organised by INFORSE-Europe, Prietenii Pamântului (Earth Friends), in cooperation with ENERO.
The first seminar, which took place in Bucharest with 38 participants, was also the launch of the new sustainable energy vision for Romania developed by INFORSE-Europe and PP. It provided a forum for discussion as to how EU policies are implemented in Romania.
The audience, mainly NGOs, academics, and officials, generally welcomed the proposals and ideas, but there were also a few critical questions regarding the vision for transition to sustainable energy.
This led to a long debate, which luckily also cleared up some misunderstandings, e.g. regarding potential problems of wind-turbines.

Ion Zamfir, presenting the Vision Romania 2050 - Energy without CO2 Emissions. Presentation by Lavinia Andrei, TERRA MILENIUL III.
The event was organised together with Prietenii Pamântului (Earth Friends) and ENERO.
Hall of Casa Universitarilor, where the seminar was held.

Program: -
(40kB Program English version) --,-- (40kB Program Romanian version)
Invitation: -
(37kB Invitation English version --,-- ) (37kB Invitation Romanian version)


9.30 Welcome
9.40 The participants are introducing themselves

INFORSE-Europe Session

09.50 Introduction
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE Europe presentation pdf file 351 kB (English)

10.00 Vision Romania 2050. Energy without CO2 Emissions
By Ion Zamfir, PRIETENII PAMANTULUI presentation pdf file 99 kB (Romanian)

10.20 National Plan of Action for the use of RES
By Lavinia Andrei, TERRA MILENIUL III presentation pdf file 465 kB (Romanian)

10.40 National Program for Energy Efficiency

11.00 Coffee break

11.20 Energy Efficiency in the Residential Sector

11.40 Success stories in using SF for financing sustainable energy projects
By Ion Zamfir, Prietenii Pamantului, presentation pdf file 674 kB (Romanian)

12.00 Discussions: Can Romania cover its energy needs for the year 2050 without carbon emissions?

13.00 Light lunch

INRE Session: R&D, RES and NGOs”

14.00 Presentation of the European Project INRE
By Elena Vaduva, ENERO

14.20 Presentation of the research program FP7
By Nicoleta Ion, ENERO

14.40 Discussions regarding the activity, the needs and the results of participating organisations in the field of RES

15.10 Coffee break

15.30 The NGOs role in promoting research results. Discussions and exchange of information

15.50 The opportunities of future collaborations in the field of RES and identifying funding models

16.10 Scenarios regarding the RES development in Europe
By Cristian Tântareanu, ENERO

16.30 Discussions, conclusions

17.00 Seminar close-up

Contact in Romania:
- Prietenii Pamantului (Earth Friends), att. Ion Constantine Zamfir, Ph: 40-236-462564,
- ENERO, att. Cristian Tantareanu, Ph: +40 21 665 26 05,

Read the Background of the Seminar:

We would like to discuss how can Romania to ensure the needed energy at the horizon of 2050s in the conditions of a sustainable development and how NGOs and the Research & Development sector can contribute together on reaching this goal.

A scenario developed by member organisations of INFORSE-Europe (International Network for Sustainable Energy) will be presented. This scenario offers an alternative based on energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources so that in 2050 the energy production will not be generating carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

The Action Plan for the use of Renewable Energy Resources in Romania, developed and proposed by a group of NGOs and Romanian researchers, and coordinated by Terra Mileniul III Foundation, will be also discussed during the seminar.

Of actuality is also the presentation of some success stories coming from other EU countries, of using Structural Funds in financing sustainable energy projects.

An other subject to be approached is the cooperation among the R&D sector and the NGOs towards promoting the renewable energy technologies. The European project INRE promotes this cooperation.