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INFORSE-EUROPE Seminar August 22-26, 2011, Hamburg
Hamburg - "European Green Capital 2011 "
Event on

Date: August 22-26, 2011
Venue: Gut Karlshöhe, Centre for the Environment (Umweltzentrum Karlshöhe), Hamburg, Germany

Local organiser: Ursel Beckmann, INFORSE-Europe Chair, Ecoact, Hamburg

The week went very well with a variety of presentations made from local and international NGOs, the public sector (schools), and the private sector (energy companies).
The working groups and the INFORSE-Europe General Meeting developed some very progressive ideas to lead us through the end of this year in UNFCCC COP17 in Durban and the build up for Rio +20 in July 2012.
The City of Hamburg demonstrated why it had been awarded European Green capital through extensive renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements on all new buildings. Also the transport system seems to be eliminating a lot of road traffic.

View Detailed Program for Seminar here: Program (pdf)
Read Proceedings below.
Introduction to Seminar
Gunnar B. Olesen, INFORSE-Europe Coordinator
Ursel Beckmann, INFORSE-Europe Chair and Local Organisation

Welcome to Hamburg - European Green Capital
Ursel Beckmann and Lisa Bremer, ecoact e.V.
Presentation of Seminar Program and Introduction to our Venue "Gut Karlshöhe".
Read more: Ecoact website (in German). European Green capital website. Gut Karlshöhe website.



Low Carbon Societies Network

Best Practices in EU and Denmark, EU Policies, Visions and Scenarios
Low Carbon Societies Network

Gunnar B. Olesen, INFORSE-Europe Coordinator
- EU Energy Policies Program pdf pdf-file, 1.5 MB,
- Good Practice Program pdf pdf-file, 1 MB,
- INFORSE-Europe Program pdf pdf-file, 0.7 MB.
Read more on: Sustainable energy scenarios, stakeholders dialogue in the framework of the new
Low Carbon Societies Network initiated by the EU FP7 ENCI-LowCarb project.
The Project partners: RAC-France, INFORSE-Europe, Germanwatch, PIK, and CIRED.
On the website you can find collection of scenarios, contacts to others working on scenarios. You can join the database and e-mail list.See also: ENCI LowCarb on FACEBOOK

EU Policies
European Renewable Energy Federation (EREF)
Dörte Fouquet

Program pdf pdf-file, 429 KB

Zero Carbon Britain 2030
Centre for Alternative Technologies, Wales, UK
Paul Allen

Program pdf pdf-file, 66 KB

Time to link Energy and Social Policies
Foundation of Alternative Energy (FAE)
Emil Bedi

Program pdf pdf-file, 488 KB
  Best Practices

Best Practices from Romania
Earth Friends
Ion Zamfir
Program pdf pdf-file, 3.3 MB

Best Practices from Ukraine
Anna Tsvetkova
Program pdf pdf file 0.8 MB
About CEKOR in Serbia and it’s energy work
Pera Markovic
Program pdf pdf-file, 622 KB 
Renewable Energies for Hamburg
Hamburg Energy
Volker Malle
Program pdf
pdf-file, 314 KB
Feeding in Solar thermal Heat into District Heating System
E.ON Hanse Wärme
Friedrich Henke

Program pdf pdf-file, 1.1 MB
Offshore Wind parks-Planning, Construction and Future Development
Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbH
Kerstin Wessel
Program pdf pdf-file, 1.1 MB
Phase Out of Nuclear Power Situation Worldwide and Germany
World Future Council (WFC)
Stefan Schurig

Program pdf pdf-file, 1.2 MB
Sustainable Energy and Straw Buildings in Belarus
Minsk Division of International Academy of Ecology (MD-IEA)
Evgeniy Shirokov

Program pdf pdf-file, 2.2 MB
  Education - School Theme
SPARE: School Project for Application of Resources and Energy
Friends of the Baltic
Olga Senova

Program pdf pdf-file, 1.5 MB
Youth Camp and SPARE in Belarus
Center of Environmental Solutions (CES)
Dzimitry Buronkin
More: Belarus Sustainable Energy Youth Camp

Climate Protection on Hamburg's Schools
Hartwig Zillmer
Eco Teams: With Energy to Save the Climate
GAP-Polska, Poland
Stan Nitak

Program pdf pdf-file, 1 MB
Children in Belarus after Chernobyl
Heim-Statt-Tschernobyl e.V. (Home Instead of Chernobyl)
Christoph Dombrowski
Program pdf pdf-file, 1 MB
School Clothes of 100% Bio-Cotton from Africa
´Hegholt´school in Hamburg
Program pdf pdf-file, 2.5 MB

Workshop I: Building Small Solar Powered Toys
Leading: Lisa Bremer
Workshop II: Energy Visions and Scenarios
Leading: Gunnar B. Olesen
Tour at the Solar Settlement
Hamburg "Ecological Estate Braamwisch"
Ursel Beckmann

Alternative Harbour Tour With Lectures about Energy in Hamburg's Harbour

Solar projects in Hamburg's HafenCity
by Christof Gundert, Microsol Solarsystems Hamburg
Concert with Jazz-O-Phonics
INFORSE-Europe General Meeting
See elected INFORSE-Europe Board and Coordinators.
More on Organisers and Sponsors in Hamburg: Gut KarlshöheEcocatHamburg Green Capital

Read: Proceedings of the Seminar at CAT, UK in 2010.
Read: Proceedings of the Seminar at Artefact in Germany in 2009.