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European Sustainable Energy Seminar
Artefact, Germany
, November 10-14, 2009

INFORSE-Europe Group at Artefact

The Seminar took place at Artefact, which is a unique education and demonstration center for renewable energy near Flensburg at the German Danish border.
The 33 attendees represented 29 organizations from 19 European countries. 23 participants represented members at the General Meeting, which was held after the Seminar on November 14, 2009. As part of the Seminar, many participated on the Low carbon Societies Network Seminar on November 10, 2009,

Tuesday, November 10, 2009: Low Carbon Scenarios

Program Nov. 10 pdf doc (version Nov 5, 2009)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Activity
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 Introduction of seminar and participants

Climate Change, Comparing Requirements According to UNEP, PIK, (Jan Burck, Germanwatch) (Handouts pdf 90kB)
The Global Greenhouse Gas Budget to Limit Global Warming to 2'C , Gunnar Boye Olesen INFORSE-Europe (Handouts pdf 258 kB)

10.30 Break
11.00 Sustainable Energy Strategies:
· Danish Sustainable Energy Vision 2009, vision for EU (Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe) (Handouts pdf 253 kB)
· ZeroCarbonBritain (Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology, Wales, board member of INFORSE-Europe) (Handouts pdf1.49 MB)
· Scenario for Germany (Jan Burck, Germanwatch) (Handouts pdf 127 kB)
· Scenario for France (Meike Fink, Climate Action Network - France) (Handouts pdf 129 kB)
(for each scenario will be 10 min. for discussion)
13.00 Lunch, Presentation, and Guided Tour at Artefact (Handouts pdf 2.06 MB)
14.30 Working Groups:
1) Practical activities, demonstrating sustainable energy for exhibitions, education etc. Faciliated by Ursel Beckmann, INFORSE-Europe chair, and others
2) Cooperation between NGOs and researchers on low carbon scenarios: Why do we need each other, introduction to network, development of ideas, proposals for future scenarios and visions. Facilitated by Gunnar Olesen and Meike Fink
18.30 Dinner
20.00 News on oil peak, gas, coal and nuclear resource limits and price responses (Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe and Foundation for Alternative Energy, Slovakia), Discussion (Handouts pdf 465 kB)
21.00 Evt. presentation by participants
22.00 End of program

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time Activity
8.00 Breakfast

Local Actions for a Transition to Sustainable Energy, Good Examples (What was the change, what will be the change, how much does it contribute to transition of sustainable energy of the area covered and of the whole country (dissemination effects), social organisation, economy). Suggested cases:
· Hjortshoj eco-village, Denmark (Gunnar Boye Olesen) (Handouts pdf 202 kB)
· Slovak village energy project (Emil Bedi) (Handouts pdf 288 kB)
· Dify valley or other UK example (Paul Allen) (Handouts pdf 1.65 MB)
· Actions in Flensburg, Germany, 10km from Artefact (Emöke Kovac, Helge Maas, Flensburg University (Handouts pdf 248 kB)
· Other Cases:

· Belarus Straw Bale Houses (Presentation in Russian) (Handouts pdf 1.88 MB)
· Polish Ecological Club's (PKE) Integrated Approach to Energy Problems in Poland (Handouts pdf 248 kB)

Half hour presentation of each case including presentation and discussion, half hour break

13.00 Lunch
14.00 Presentation of Good Practice Database (Paul Allen, CAT, UK), Discussion on how we work with the Good Practice cases in INFORSE, (Handouts pdf175 kB)
15.00 Coffee
15.30 Sustainable Energy Education, SPARE program (Dag Arne Hoeystad, Norges Natuvernforbund and others) (Handouts pdf1.53 MB)
18.30 Dinner
20.00 Evt. Presentations by Participants
21.30 End of program

Friday, November 13, 2009

Time Activity
8.00 Breakfast
9.00 EU Policies for Sustainable Energy - the Big Picture (Gunnar Boye Olesen & Dörte Fouquet, European Renewable Energy Federation, EREF, Belgium) (Handouts pdf 139 kB)
9.30 Implementation of the Renewable Energy Directive, a Big Task Ahead (Dörte Fouquet, EREF) (Handouts pdf 449 kB)
10.30 Break
11.00 Structural Funds, how to make it fund the transition to sustainable energy, now and in the future (Emil Bedi) (Handouts pdf 278 kB)
12.00 Energy Efficiency policies: Ecodesign, Building Directive, Energy Service Directive (Gunnar Boye Olesen) (Handouts pdf 275 kB)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Workshop: Climate Policy before COP15: State of Affairs, What can we do from NGOs before and at COP15? Discussion initiated by Gunnar Olesen, Emil Bedi and others.
16.00 Workshop: Project Development for 2010 activities, developing ideas from the week.
Proposals for INFORSE-Europe (for General Meeting 14/11)
19.00 Dinner

Saturday, November 14, 2009: INFORSE-Europe General Meeting
Time: 9.00-16.00

More information:

November 11-13: Sustainable Energy Policies and practice
Program Nov. 11-13, pdf doc (version Nov 5, 2009)

Read more on Artefact:
Artefact Demonstartion & Education Center and at