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Romanian NGO Events,
October - November, 2008

By Ion Zamfir, Earth Friends (PP) and INFORSE-Europe.

During the year, we from Earth Friends (PP) used several opportunities of being invited to take part in local, regional, and national meetings on energy and climate, organized by NGOs, public authorities, business, and governmental bodies. Participation in these meetings as invited representatives of a recognized NGO working on energy and climate issues gave us one more chance to present the INFORSE-Europe’s Sustainable Energy Vision and activities, as well as our position concerning Romanian Energy Strategy, and other programmatic documents.

Sinaia Event, October
The meetings and seminars in October 17-19, was organised in Sinaia. Among the participants were NGOs, interrgovernmental organisations, companies and private persons.
Among others, a position paper was elaborated of Romanian NGOs with interest in climate and energy issues, part of them being members of a newly created and officially registered Romanian NGO Climate Network.

Seven of the most active Romanian NGOs took part in the meeting, along with the 10 members of RAC-RO (Romanian Climate Action Network). Businesses’ and politicians’ representatives were also present. An analysis of the energy situation in Romania, as compared with the strategy and the political programs of the parties involved in the campaign for general elections, showed the complete opposition between the Energy Strategy statements and the political programs. It was also possible to show the incompatibility (differences) between the political positions of a party before elections and those it took after winning the elections and getting the power to govern the country.

Meeting in the Parliament, November
An excellent opportunity to express our position concerning Romanian energy policy was provided by tha meeting we had in the Parliament’s building in November. The parliamentarians as well as NGO and business representatives had a dialogue on discrepancies between the messages expressed by the government in international events and the national realities in terms of new energy facilities (lack of will in implementing thermal rehabilitation programs, lack of interest in promoting and supporting renewable energy programs). A few days after this event, the Romanian Government announced the initiative of supporting 90% of the costs involved in installing renewable energy systems in individual houses and in schools and associations’ buildings, along with 50% for businesses’ buildings. We consider that the measure was adopted after the EU summit, when the government got the message and understood that it is the time to do something to show its commitment in implementing renewable energy programs.

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