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INFORSE-Europe Polish Cooperation

The Polish Environmental NGOs for the Nature in the United Europe

The project was a cooperation with the Polish Ecological Club (PKE) Upper Silesia Branch, and INFORSE-Europe in 2004.
INFORSE-Europe was partner organisation.
The project coorinator was PKE.

The project was oriented onto strengthening the organizational, structural and professional capacity of the Polish environmental NGO, PKE. The project consisted of a series of events based on twinning arrangements and experience exchange aimed at transferring best practices, useful skills and know-how from EU15 environmental partner.

Within the project framework the followings were made:
- Series of seminars and workshops in Poland hosted by the PKE Upper Silesian Branch.
- Short training for a volunteer (2 weeks) at the office of INFORSE-Europe (Denmark).

All these events (workshops, seminars, training sessions) were addressed to the leaders of local chapters operating within the PKE Upper Silesian Branch structure (ca. 25 persons), who will disseminate locally the obtained information and knowledge among their members (ca. 400 persons). The leading organisation of the project was the INFORSE member organization PKE (Polish Ecological Club Upper Silesian Branch - Polski Klub Ekologiczny Okreg Gornoslaski (PKE OG).

Some of the project activities, where INFORSE-Europe was directly involved:
June 2004 Seminar:
Two persons from INFORSE-Europe - Gunnar Boye Olesen (INFORSE-Europe/OVE Denmark) and Pete West (West Wales Eco Center, UK) - visited PKE in Katowice and made presentations.
See aricle about the visit from the PKE newsletter (Issue July-August 2004) in Polish.(pdf file 503 kB)

August 2004:
Kasia Wypchol from PKE OG practicipated in a training at INFORSE-Europe's office in Denmark

October 2004
Gunnar Boye Olesen (INFORSE-Europe/OVE Denmark) visited PKE OG in Katowice and made presentation and workshop at PKE together with PKE staff on NGO strategy development.

The Project was supported by EU (under the PHARE 2003 Multi-country programme "Environment and Enlargement") Developing the capacity of environmental NGOs, through transfer of best practice from NGOs in the EU15.

More information in Polish see at the PKE website:

Other PKE Cooperation Projects:

INFORSE-Europe School Project
PKE OG is also one of the organisation which is participating in the INFORSE-Europe school activities in 2004.
See article about the INFORSE-Europe school project from PKE's newsletter (Issue October 2004) in Polish, (pdf file 313 kB)

Polish Vision 2050
PKE cooperating with INFORSE-Europe is working on to collect data and to develop a Polish Sustainable Energy Vision 2050, using the model used in EU and other countries. Please see Vision 2050.

Seminar and Publication in 2007
Read the Proceeding of the Seminar and Publication here