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United Nations Climate Change Conference
December 7-18 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark

COP15 - Plenary Bella Center Civil Society COP15 Bella Center Corridor

INFORSE at COP15 in Copenhagen
INFORSE participated as NGO UN observer with more than 30 delegates.
The delegates were representing INFORSE coordinators, focal points and member organisations. Among others: INSEDA and WAFD from India, CRT from Nepal, CDI from Uganda, Earthlife Africa from South Africa, LIMA from Brazil, Mali Folkecenter from Mali, Green Action from Croatia, FAE Slovakia, CAT UK, and OVE from Denmark. Besides, several members participated with their own delegations like GERES and HELIO from France, ENDA from Senegal, and FoE from Norway.

Read a 2009 Position Paper on Climate Change ( pdf file 99kB) at the start of COP15, 7 December, 2009.
Read a brief analysis of the outcome of COP15, ( pdf file 64 kB), 21 December, 2009.

Time Table of INFORSE Activities:
INFORSE at Bella Centre: NGO Side Events of COP 15

INFORSE Exhibition at Bella Center

6-18 December 2009
9.30- 18.30
Hall H

INFORSE Information & Exhibition Booth
See: Pictures

INFORSE-WECF side event UNFCCC COP15 December 14

14 December 2009
16:30 - 18:00
Room: Niels Bohr

Side Event:
INFORSE-WECF: 200 NGOs in Action in Asia & Africa for Sustainable Energy, Proposing Simplified CDM

- Development Successes with Sustainable Energy by NGOs from Nepal, India, Senegal, Uganda, South Africa and from Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia (EECCA) Region.
- Proposal for a simplified CDM for smaller scale projects that can help NGOs to achieve more.

See: Program & Proceedings and Pictures

INFORSE at DGI-byen: KlimaForum'09 - Peoples' Climate Summit:

INFORSE-OVE-SPARE exhibition at Klimaforum December 2009 7-18 December 2009
all days
Purple Hall
Exhibition booth
INFORSE - OVE - SPARE Cooperation
See: Pictures
Klimaforum09: December 9, 2009 INFORSE to Reduce Poverty 9 December 2009
Grey Room
INFORSE: Sustainable Energy for Development
NGO Success Examples from Africa and Asia
Discussion of barriers and recommendations
See: Program, Proceedings and Pictures

Klimaorum09: December 9, 2009 INFORSE SPARE

9 December 2009
Grey Room
TALK: INFORSE-SPARE: Sustainable Energy Education
- SPARE: 4500 School in the previous Soviet Union Countries
- DIERET, Online Education on Renewable Energy
See: Program & Proceedings and Pictures
Klimaforum09:  Decmeber 10, 2009 INFORSE Low Carbon Scenarios 10 December 2009
Brown Room
INFORSE-Low Carbon Societies Network
Sustainable Energy Scenarios in France, Germany, Denmark, EU and UK.
Speakers: Germanwatch, RAC-France, INFORSE-Europe, ZeroCarbon Britain.
See: Program & Proceedings and Pictures
INFORSE Members at Klimaforum09:
  15 December 2009
Green Hall
Moving towards Zero Carbon and Beyond
Speakers: Paul Allen (CAT/ INFORSE-Europe Board member)
Organizer: Center for Alternative Technology (CAT)
  18 December 2009

Denmark - C02 Neutral Pioneer
Speakers: Per Clausen (Red-Green Alliance), Michael Søgaard Jørgensen (IDA), Stig Melgaard (NOAH), Gunnar Boye Olesen (OVE).
Organisers: Enhedslisten (Red-Green Alliance, a Danish political party), IDA (Danish Society of Engineers) and two INFORSE members: OVE (Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy, NOAH (FoE-Denmark).

Women Against Nuclear Energy Side Event at the Klimaforum09 DGI-byen


8th December 2009
Red Room
Women's Perspective on Nuclear Energy: Nuclear Power is the Problem, not a Solution
Organised by WILPF- Denmark, WECF, Ecodefence, WISE and others
INFORSE MEMBERS at Bella Centre:
  10 December 2009
Room Victor Borg
92-Group's Side Event: Climate Action in Denmark
92-Group is a Danish NGO Coalition including INFORSE member: OVE.
Speakers: Jens la Cour, Danish Society for Nature Conservation;
Tarjei Haaland, Greenpeace-Nordic; Søren Dyck-Madsen, Danish Ecocouncil; Gunnar Boye Olesen, Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy (OVE) and INFORSE-Europe.
See: 92-Group and OVE
11 December 2009

Room: Halfdan Rasmussen

ENDA's side event:
Building Sustainable Community Partnerships for Adaptation in Africa.
See: ENDA's homepage (French).

11 December 2009
Room: Victor Borge
GERES's Side Event:
Climate Vulnerabilities and Adaptation: Himalayas, urban & rural plains in India and Nepal.
See: GERES's homepage.
16 December 2009
Room: Niels Bohr
HELIO's Side Event:
Energy Access and Poverty Alleviation: reducing vulnerabilities and increasing resilience.
HELIO's homepage.
Program December 18 2009: Joining Forces EU side event Friday,
18 December 2009
EU Room
Side Event on EU Cooperation between Researchers and NGOs
Among the presentations will be:
FP7 Project of Low Carbon Societies Network
by Germanwatch, RAC-France, and INFORSE-Europe
The Event was canceled because of restrictions entering Bella Center on the 18th December.
Program Flyer (pdf file 193kB)
Side Events on Gender and Anti-Nuclear at the Bella Center:
12 December 2009
11:00 - 12:30,
Room Liva Weel
False promises of nuclear energy
WILPF and WECF, IFG, Sortir du nucleaire, NIRS, the Environmental Institute of Munich, Greenpeace, Ecodefense and WISE.
See: WILPF-Denmark
14 December 2009
14:45 -16:15
Room: Halfdan Rasmussen
GenderCC - Women for Climate Justice Side Event:
Lessons learnt from gendered development cooperation
- conclusions for gender and climate policy.
See: GenderCC's homepage
16 December 2009
13:00 - 14:30
Room: Halfdan Rasmussen
Women as Agents of Change
Side Event:
Organizer: Island

Contact: Ministry of the Environment, Island
Climate March: “Planet First - People First”
Demonstration on Decmeber 12, 2009 Copenhagen December 12,
Started at 13.00 from the Parliament Square to Bella Center.
Candlelight vigil, and speeches: 16.30-18.30
Family friendly demonstration:
More than 100,000 people marched from the Parliament Square to the Bella Center. The march was followed by the television, which could be seen on screens placed on the corridors of the Bella Center.
Some of the slogans among many: There is NO Planet B ...

See: Pictures

Read More:

Official sites:
- UNFCCC official site: UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
- COP15 Danish host site: COP 15 in Copenhagen

NGO Parallel Event's sites:
- December 7- 18: Peoples Climate Summit 2009:
- December 3-6: CPHCO22009 (Øksnehallen):
- December 5-18: Climate Bottom Meeting (Christiania): “Windows of Hope”
Conference, Workshops, Youth Forum, Children Program, Dance, Music, Food
- December 12, start at 12.00: Climate March:

Sustainable Energy News 67, December 2009 pdf file Sustainable Energy News No. 67, December 2009
INFORSE at COP 15 Copenhagen
SEN 67 (
1.2 MB), 12 p.
SEN 67 Contents ( 40 kB)
Sustainable Energy News No. 66 pdf file Sustainable Energy News No. 66, October 2009 on UNFCCC
- Editorial and Articles on pages # 2-4, Overview of Events on page #11
Download the whole issue October 2009 ( 1.8MB).
Overview of Events during COP15 Overview of the Events in Copenhagen during the Conference
Place, Time, Links, illustrations
in Sustainable Energy News on page # 11.
You can download:
page no. 11 with the Events Overview
( 0.6 MB).

Read More on INFORSE's participation, side event and exhibition during UNFCCC COPs:

INFORSE's Position Paper on Climate Change (INFORSE's Position 99kB) at the start of COP15, 7 December, 2009.
INFORSE's brief analysis of the outcome of COP15 (INFORSE's Analysis 64 kB), 21 December, 2009.

Proceedings with Pictures:


UNFCCC COP15 side events (choose COP15): .

See INFORSE's Participation at Previous, Present, and Following UNFCCC Conference of Parties (COP):
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP24 in Katowice, Poland, 2018
- INFORSE at UNFCCC SB48, in Bonn, Germany, April 30-May 10, 2018

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- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 16 in 2010 in Cancun, Mexico.
- INFORSE at UNFCCC COP 15 in 2009 in Copenhagen, Denmark.
- INFORSE's Position Paper on Climate Change (INFORSE's Position pdf file 99kB) at the start of COP15, 7 December, 2009.
- INFORSE's brief analysis of the outcome of COP15 (INFORSE's Analysis pdf file 64 kB), 21 December, 2009.
- INFORSE at COP14 in 2008 in Poznan, Poland.

See other INFORSE participation at UN Conference