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United Nations Climate Change Conference

December 3-15 2007, Bali, Indonesia

Climate change conference (COP 13)
Read Editorial in Sustainable Energy News No 59 by Emil Bedi, INFORSE Regional Coordinator. (SEN 59 on pages 2-3, (pdf file 1.99 MB 12-page newsletter)

The Bali conference (COP13) prepared the road map for the new protocol, to solve the global warming problem.
The UN climate change conference room, where the delegates prepared the way for the reduction of greenhouse gases (GHGs).

Some countries like Australia, were changing their negative views. EU was proposing strong commitments reduction by 2020 according to the 1990 levels.

The COP 13 in Bali ended with mandates to go on with negotiations in all important fields, but without agreements on specific targets.
INFORSE Members' Side Events
Two INFORSE member organisations organised side event: LIFE e.V, and HELIO. Presentations can be downloaded from the UNFCCC side event list.
- LIFE e.V. Thursday, 6 December 2007 (10.30-12.30).

- HELIO International, Monday, December 3, 2007, (13.00-15.00)
Press Briefing on Gender
" Women in the Forest-no fairly tale"
Press briefing of the Gender and Climate Change (GenderCC) Network Women for Climate Justice.
Ulrike Roehr (second form the right) who is also representing ithe INFORSE member organisation Life e.V is acting as coordinator of GenderCC network.

See more:

Report from the Gender realted events at GenderCC:

IISD, Earth Negotiations Bulletin:
Daily Coverage including pictures:

ECO-Daily NGO Newsletter
Daily NGO Newsletters produced at the COP

Official sites:
UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Official UNFCCC Secretariat website for the Bali Conference
UNFCCC Side event list
Bali, where you can download the presentations of the side events.

INFORSE members' side events:
- LIFE e.V. Thursday, 6 December 2007 (10.30-12.30).

- HELIO International, Monday, December 3, 2007, (13.00-15.00)

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