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INFORSE-Europe Activities in 1996-1997
INFORSE-Europe Annual Report 1996-97

Adopted by the INFORSE - Europe General Meeting, June 22, 1997

Support of national sustainable energy strategies:

  • The 'Guideline for Assessing Renewable Energy Potentials' was published in a new version;
  • Cooperation between TAASEN (Estonian) and OVE (Denmark) for the development of a sustainable energy plan for Estonia was facilitated.
Cooperation among INFORSE-Europe organiz-ations:
  • The poster exhibition displaying sustainable energy solutions was used in Central and East-ern Europe (CEE);
  • The database of renewable energy manufacturers and servi-ces in CEE countries was established and disseminated;
  • The devel-opment of a database on sustainable energy cases/success-stories was started in Slovakia and Ukraine.
Exchange of information:
  • Contributions to 4 issues of Sustainable Energy News and to the European Sustainable Energy Contact List;
  • Establishing an INFORSE - Europe email list;
  • In cooperation with OVE (Denmark) a report 'Renewable Energy and a Sustainable Development in a "liberalized" Energy Market' was published on experience with liberalization of electric-ity markets in some Western European countries.
Lobbying international organizations:
  • The development of EU energy activities was followed and a comment was made to the Green Paper on Renewable Energy. APERE, Belgium, played a leading role in EU moni-toring and lobby-ing. Contacts was established with the new Renewable Energy Intergroup of the EU Parliament;
  • Western investments in Central and Eastern Europe: a contact was made to the Bank Watch Network for Central and Eastern Europe;
  • The energy activities of the Environment for Europe process were followed.Within this process a European Energy Conservation Strategy will be developed for adoption at the Pan-Euro-pean Environ-mental Ministers Meeting, June98;
  • Participation in the Pan-European Adult Education Conference, Barcelona, December 1996 and in the European preparation for the UNESCO 5th Conference on Adult Education, Hamburg, July 1997.
  • Several INFORSE-Europe organizations follows the development of a Baltic Agenda21 energy plan.
Cooperation with other INFORSE regions:
  • A special emphasis was made to cooperate on improving the World Solar Summit Process. This included a special Solar Summit Newsletter, included in Sustainable Energy News;
  • The development of the environmental theme of the UNESCO 5. Conference on Adult Education was followed;
  • An INFORSE Coordinators' Meeting was held in Harare, September '96.
Cooperation with other networks included cooperation with Climate Network Europe (CNE) in preparing comments to the EU Green Paper, and a cooperation with CNE and WISE on organizing a European Sustainable Energy Seminar, June 1997.

The secretarial functions of INFORSE-Europe were carried out on mainly voluntary basis by OVE (Organization for Renewable Energy, Denmark) and FAE (Foundation for Alternative Energy, Slovakia).

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