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INFORSE-Europe Activities in 1997-1998
Adopted at INFORSE-Europe General Meeting  26/6-98

Cooperation and exchange of information projects among member-organisations:

  • A new exhibition and a report were developed with success-stories on sustainable energy. Both were made for presentation at the Pan-European Environmental Minister's Meeting, Århus'98. They have a double purpose of keep active NGOs informed of the successes and infor the official "Energy Conservation Initiative" within the Århus-process on NGO-activities and preferences.
  • A public meeting in Copenhagen was held in December to raise  awareness on the need for integra-tion of sustainable energy strategies in development strategies. The meeting gathered 45 people including a EU-parliamentarian. Main topics discussed were UN initiatives (Solar Summit, UNGASS and others) and EU-activities in the field. A paper of EU fundign for sustainable energy in development was published in the INFORSE-website.
  • Contributions to Sustainable Energy News and to the Sustainable Energy Contact List and the INFORSE web-site,
  • Continuing the INFORSE - Europe email list.
Lobbying international organisations:
  • The process after the EU White Paper on Renewable Energy was followed,
  • The energy activities of the Pan-European Environ-ment for Europe process was followed in cooperation with the Eur. ECO-Forum (a NGO-Forum following this proces). Especially the development of a European Energy Conserva-tion Guideline was followed with participation in 7 meetings, and elaboration of several interventions;
  • The energy theme of the Baltic Sea Region Agenda 21 plan was followed with participating in 2 workshop with several interventions;
  • The Pan-European implementation of UNESCO World Solar Plan of Action was followed, including preparation for the  Pan-European Solar Conference, Sofia, September 1998; and asking observer status at the European Energy Charter Conference.
  • Cooperation with other INFORSE-regions included:
  • INFORSE coordinators meeting, Dakar, January 1998 with deve-lopment of a 5-year operational strategy with worldwide INFORSE activities under the two main headings: influencing the global agenda and south-south-north cooperation
  • Participation in the first preparation of NGO-inputs for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development session on energy (CSD9) in 2001.
  • Proposing projects for EXPO2000.
  • Develop proposal on internet education on renewable energy with support of the new INFORSE cooperation fund.
  • Develop INFORSE distance education course on renewable energy together with INFORSE-Central Asia  Coordinator (INSEDA, India)
  • Participating in INFORSE media and environment initiative.

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