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Zero Carbon Road Show 2010Cause: 100% Sustainable Energy
December 2: Brussels
September 10: Paris
13: Barcelona

The Road Show presents a range of zero-carbon and sustainable-energy scenarios to researchers,
policy makers and NGOs. The aim is to spur discussion and debate on how greenhouse-gas emissions
could be eliminated completely from a long-industrialised society. It is also intended to reach those
interested in developing such research for their own area, sharing details on approach and methodology.
Among the scenarios presented were: the new Zero-Carbon Britain, and INFORSE-Europe's European
sustainable energy vision.
Gunnar Boye Olesen, Jill Evans MEP, Paul Allen









Brussels - December 2, 2010
Local Organiser:
Time: 11:00 am - 13:00 pm
Venue: EU Parliament (room ASP 8F 388)

We can phase out fossil fuels in the EU countries in 20-30 years!
We can reduce CO2 emissions from energy to almost zero! and
We can improve our life at the same time!

- Introduction by EU Parliamentarian Jill Evans, Wales, UK (Greens)

· Scenario « 100% Renewables in EU
» Transition by 2030-40 !
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, Denmark
INFORSE-Europe launched its new sustainable energy strategy with scenarios
for phase-out of fossil fuels until 2040 for the entire EU.
Presentation on the New Vision in the EU by 2030-40 -
(4. 7MB pdf file)
More on the Vision in general:

· Scenario « Zero Carbon Britain »
by Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT), Wales, UK.
The Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales will present its ground-breaking
ZeroCarbonBritain study, showing how to phase out fossil fuels for the UK until 2030.

Download Program/Invitation (pdf file 53,9 kB)






Paris - September 10, 2010
Time: 9.15 - 12.15
Venue: À l’Assemblé Nationale, Salle 6217
French Parliament
126, rue de l’Université, Paris 7ème

Raphael Claustre, CLER (France)
· Scenario « négaWatt » (France) -
· Scenario « Zero Carbon Britain » (UK) -
· Scenario 100% Renewable (Europe and Denmark) -
· Scenarios being developed by an FP7 Project ENCI-LowCarb
(France, & Germany) -

Download Invitation with Program in French:
(word doc 31 kB)
Proceedings: Conference Proceedings including powerpoints
and MP3 sound at RAC-France's web site

Local Organiser: CAN-France/RAC-France, Paris, France
Att. Meike Fink, Web:

Josep Puig, Paul Allen,  Godfrey Boyle, Gunnar Boye Olesen


Barcelona - September 13, 2010
Sala d'actes del Collegi d'Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (EIC)
Main hall of the Industrial Engineering Collage of Catalonia
Via Laietana 39, Barcelona, Spain

Introduction by
Josep Puig, GCTPFNN, Spain
· Vision2050 for the EU-27
by Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
· How to Deal with Variability in a 100% Renewable Electricity Grid
by Godfrey Boyle, Open University UK
· Zero Carbon Britain: a New Energy Strategy
by Paul Allen, Centre for Alternative Technology Wales, UK

Local Organiser:
Grup de Cientifics i Tecnics per un Futur No Nuclear (GCTPFNN)
Scientists and Technicians Group for a Non Nuclear Future, Barcelona, Spain
Att. Josep Puig, Phone: E:

Download Program (20 kB word doc)

Contact the Organisers:

- INFORSE-Europe:
International Network for Sustainable Energy
Gunnar Boye Olesen, E:
, Ph: +45 86 22 70 00, Fax: +45 86 22 70 96.
- Centre for Alternative Technology
(CAT), ZeroCarbonBritain
Paul Allen, E:
- Low Carbon Societies Network
Meike Fink, CAN-France/RAC-France


Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign The event is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Campaign.
INFORSE-Europe is Associate member of the Campaign.
See more at the Campaign's web site.