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EU Stakeholder Seminar on Low-Carbon Energy Scenarios
Date: April 28, 2010
Seminar Brussels  2010 April 28
Seminar on April 28, 2010 Panel on April 28, 2010
Organized by Low Carbon Societies Network FP7 Project (CAN-France, INFORSE-Europe, Germanwatch, PIK, CIRED), FoE-Europe, and European Climate Foundation (ECF).
Date: April 28, 2010
10.00 - 17.30

Brussels, Belgium
Presentation of the European Low Carbon Societies Network Project (EU FP7)
Meike Fink, RAC France • By Meike Fink, Low Carbon Societies Network project coordinator,
Climate Action Network - France (RAC-France)
Program pdf (pdf file 215 kB)
Presentations of 3 European Scenarios:
After each presentation comments will be on the scenarios with the specific focus on “barriers to transition scenarios”
1. Scenario made by Friends of the Earth Europe / Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI)
Charles Heaps, SEI
• Presentation by Charles Heaps,
SEI, followed by comments
Program pdf (pdf file 0.6 MB)
2. Scenario made by INFORSE (International Network for Sustainable Energy)
Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
• Presentation by Gunnar Boye Olesen,
INFORSE-Europe, followed by comments
Program pdf (pdf file 1 MB)
3. Scenario made by European Climate Foundation (ECF)
Rebecca Collyer, ECF • Presentation by Rebecca Collyer, ECF
Program pdf (pdf file 1.7 MB)

Discussion between the Commentators and Scenario Presenters
Open Floor Discussion


Brigitte Knopf, PIK
• Science:
Brigitte Knopf,
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK),
MEP Theodoros Skylakakis,
• Political institution:
MEP Theodoros Skylakakis,
EU Parliamentarian
Renaud Crassous, EDF • Industry:
Renaud Crassous,
Electricité de France (EDF)
Anne Rialhe, Negawatt, • NGO representative:
by Anne Rialhe, Negawatt, France
Matthias Duwe, CAN-Europe • Moderator: Matthias Duwe, Climate Action Network - Europe (CAN-Europe)
What Kind of Grid Do We Need for 100% Renewables?
What Does it Cost? / Where are the Technical, Political and Social Barriers?
Rebecca Collyer, ECF • By Rebecca Collyer, ECF,
Program pdf (pdf file 0.8 MB)
Full Use of Local Flexibility: An Intelligent Grid for 100% Renewables in Denmark
Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe
• By Gunnar Boye Olesen,
INFORSE-Europe + comments
Program pdf (pdf file 1.2 MB)
Particular Challenges for Germany and France – Panel (6 persons):
April 28, 2010

• The panelists are: Frauke Thies from Greenpeace; Paul Wilczek from EWEA Program pdf (pdf file 1.6 MB), dir. Olivier Herz from the French power transmission company RTE, French and German energy industry and grid representatives: Meike Wulfers from “50Hz” in Germany, French and German NGO representatives: Yannick Régnier from CLER, Renaud Crassous from EDF in France.

Paul Allen, CAT/ZeroCarbonBritain, UK • Moderator: Paul Allen, CAT/ZeroCarbonBritain, UK
Venue: University Foundation's Club
rue d'Egmont 11 - 1000 Bruxelles,
Metro: Namur.
- Low Carbon Societies Network
INFORSE-Europe: International Network for Sustainable Energy; CAN-France/RAC-France:
Germanwatch:; Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK):; Centre International de Recherche sur l’Environnement et le Développement (CIRED):
- FOE-Europe:
- European Climate Foundation (ECF):

Contact & Info:
- INFORSE-Europe, Gunnar Boye Olesen, E-mail:
Ph: +45 86 22 70 00, Fax: +45 86 22 70 96

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign The event is part of the EU Sustainable Energy Campaign.
INFORSE-Europe is Associate member of the Campaign.
See more at the
Campaign's web site.

More information on the Low Carbon Societies Network's Activities: