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NGO Debate Denmark, 27 September 2010


Sustainable Energy for 2030: Danish Debate & Seminar
Christiansborg, Copenhagen,
27 September 2010, 1 pm - 5 pm

The national seminar on EU policies in Denmark took place in Christiansborg, Copenhagen, on the 27th September 2010. Experts, Politicians and the Energy Industry were invited to participate in the discussion. From INFORSE-Europe Secretariat, Gunnar Boye Olesen participated.

The event was organised by the INFORSE-Europe member, Vedvarende Energi (Danish Organization for Sustainable Energy).

The day before the Danish Climate Commission presented its proposals for a CO2-neutral Denmark, VedvarendeEnergi asked the question:
Can we achieve that Denmark will be free from oil, coal and gas, already within about 20 years?

A shift within 20 years may sound drastic, but the potential is there if we focus on energy savings and renewable energy. It does not have to be more costly than "business as usual". - New analysis shows that it would be the most economical.
VedvarendeEnergi had invited experts, politicians and the energy industry to participate in the discussion.





Marianne Bender, Chair, VedvarendeEnergi (pdf file 0.7 MB, )


- The Global Climate (Katrine Krogh Andersen, Deputy Head, ph.d. Denmark's Climate Center), (pdf file, 2.3 MB, )
- The Dwindling Energy Resources (Marianne Bender, Chair, VedvarendeEnergi (SustainableEnergy)) (pdf file 0.6 MB, )
- We are Heating for the Birds and the Fish, the Power Plants' Large Spills (Jakob Worm, Board Director, VedvarendeEnergi)
- We Invest Wrong: the Wrong Heat Pumps that make Problems Worse (Jacob Worm)
- We Invest Wrong: Billions in Foreign Investments rather than Local Investments (Gunnar Boye Olesen, VedvarendeEnergi and INFORSE-Europe)

- Focus on Energy Savings (Jacob Worm, VedvarendeEnergi)
- Focus on Expansion of Wind Power and other Renewable Energy (Marianne Bender, VedvarendeEnergi) (pdf file, 0.5 MB )
- Focus on the Intelligent Management of Energy Systems (Lotte Holmberg, Director, VedvarendeEnergi and Member of 's Stakeholder Forum)
- And What Does It Cost? An Estimate of the Cost of Phasing out Fossil Fuels until 2030 (Gunnar Boye Olesen, VedvarendeEnergi and INFORSE-Europe) (pdf file, 1.7MB )

Comments From Politicians and the Energy Industry
The debate was supplemented by comments and discussions with the politicians and the representaties of the energy industry. Ole Haekkerup (Energy, Social Democracy), Per Clausen (Energy, Enhedslisten), Lars Aagaard (Danish Energy) and Jørgen G. Jørgensen (Danish District Heating).

The event was free.

Read more in Danish on the INFORSE-Europe member VE (VedvarendeEnergi)'s web site:
- Event on September 27, 2010
- Vision 2030 in Denmark
, 40 Proposal
- Vision Publication (40 pages)

Read the Program (pdf 23 kB )

The seminar was organized with financial support of European Commission’s DG Environment Operating Grant 2010 for INFORSE-Europe and Vedvarende Energi, Denmark.

Read More on Energy NGO Activities in Denmark:
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