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OVE-NOAH-INFORSE Events, Denmark

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November, 2009
The National Sustainable Energy Vision 2030 Seminar in Copenhagen was co-organised together with Danish INFORSE members OVE (The Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy) and NOAH (Friends of the Earth - Europe).

September 2009
The Danish Vision 2030 was
"Renewable Energy Day" and then, on September 21, in the Danish Parliament building.

A new Danish Vision with plans for phasing out fossil-fuel emissions in Denmark by 2030 was presented by INFORSE-Europe and OVE, the Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy, in September, 2009.

It was first presented on September 19, 2009 at 8 events around Denmark on a "Renewable Energy Day" and then, on September 21, in the Danish Parliament building.
The new vision shows in more detail than ever before how it is possible to cut energy-based CO2 emissions to zero by 2030, combining energy efficiency in each sector with a much more efficient energy supply system and a flexible energy supply
with storage of heat and of hydrogen. The major energy sources are wind, wave and solar as well as Danish resources of biomass.
The vision is based on detailed analyses of the available biomass resources, of the balance of the energy system, and other factors. With the EnergyPlan model, it is shown how a balance can be achieved between supply and demand for every hour
of the year in 2030, with no fossil-fuel use.

Some interesting conclusions from this are:
• There is no need for any additional power lines nor for an international super-grid to balance the Danish energy system. The proposed intelligent grid in Denmark is sufficient, including smart charge of electric cars and use of heat pumps when there is wind power available.
• It is possible to balance the proposed system such that only 1% of wind power need be curtailed (not produced) and so that 97% of heat can be used from thermal power production with combined heat and power (CHP).

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