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AtGaja-INFORSE Event, Lithuania, 2008
December 17, 2008

Panel December 17 2008 Sustainaable Vision in Lithuania December 17 2008 Sustainaable Vision in Lithuania

An alternative energy strategy for Lithuania was presented based on an updated INFORSE-Europe Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 at the Conference, which Community “Atgaja” was organized at the European Information Bureau of Lithuanian Parliament on December 17, 2008.

The strategy presented, means that instead of recent energy sector development based on new nuclear for the Baltic States, a shift towards energy efficiency increase and renewable energy is proposed by the NGOs. The timing of the initiative was very good, because the new Government was appointed just few weeks before and it has big interest for new ideas.

Around 80 people were participated at the conference, among them were the vice chairman of the Parliament, around 10 MP's from different committees, heads of energy related departments from the ministries of Economy, Environment and Agriculture, energy scientists, heads of biomass, wind, district heating, environmental consultancy associations, representatives of NGO's.

During the discussions there were several new proposals including:
- to change the recent legislation creating new legal acts in favor of renewable energy development
- to find ways to fight monopolies especially Leo LT (national investor company for construction of new nuclear power plant)
to create national funds for support development of renewable energy,
- to create governmental department for coordination of renewable energy and energy efficiency related activities
- to create an action plan for more efficient development of alternative energy policies.
All raised initiatives were recorded by the staff of Environmental Committee of the Parliament and will be discussed and used in Committee's work in the future.

The response was very positive to the presenation of Saulius Piksrys, from “Atgaja”, who presented a critique of recent nuclear scenario and in the same time proposed a new way to revise Lithuanian energy policy taking into account Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 and other related documents prepared by NGO's in the Baltic region. The Chairman of Environmental Committee of the Parliament found these very interesting and useful, we he agreed on few future activities in this field together like to cooperate on organizing press conference in the Parliament, to plan lobby visits to highest energy related officials, etc.

An issue paper based on Sustainable Energy Visions for Lithuania 2050 was prepared and distributed by the representatives of Community “Atgaja” during the conference and in the Parliament among certain committees.

Program in English pdf. (soon will be updloaded)

Information about this conference, all presentations and voice record of the conference are put on the web site of the Lithuanian Parliament, here is link

Read more about the Baltic Sustainable Energy Vision, and the Vision in Lithuania, and Atgaja, Lithuania.