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ENERGY 21 Again at CAT in Wales, UK
August 16-18, 2008

UK Energy 21 - CATINFORSE-Europe

Organised by INFORSE-Europe and the UK Energy21 network
, The Community Energy Transition

More than 40 people participated at CAT to explore how communities are making the transition to sustainable energy. The two-day seminar offered information and inspiration to anyone considering community energy projects.
Topics: funding, advice, support, networking, visits to real-life projects, case studies and best practice from across the EU.
Technologies: wood-fuel, combined heat and power, hydro, wind and solar power, community transport and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Strategies: ZeroCarbonBritain, INFORSE vision 2050 with 100 % renewables in the EU, 100 % Renewable Energy Island.

Proceedings at the Energy 21 website:, or CAT Energy 21 Seminar.
Pictures from seminar, tour and lecturers as well as handouts as pdf files of most presentations:

Group photo of the Energy 21 Seminar 2008 at CAT
Group work:  
Tour at CAT: wind mills, 200kW CHP station, PV roof, children demo sites, new conference room under construction:
Tour at CAT - view
Tour CAT view to the new conference building
Tour at CAT
Paul Allen CAT Zero carbon Britain
Gunnar Boye Olsen INFORSE Vision 2050
Marc Jedliczka Hespul, CLER France
Peter Harper CAT

Paul Allen, CAT (Handouts 478 kB ) and (Handouts 423 kB )
- Why communities should develop their own energy projects?
- Zero Carbon Britain
- Climate & Energy Security

Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe, Denmark
- Best local practices from around Europe (Handouts 365 kB )
- EU policies: How can we use it and make it better? (Handouts179 kB )
- Vision 2050 - 100 % Renewables by 2050

Marc Jedliczka, Hespul & CLER, France
- Successes in a difficult environment: French renewable energy is coming, how and why?
(Handouts )

Peter Harper CAT
- The Road to 2012: What we need to do next, and at what scale?
- CAT & Eco-dyfi (Handouts 635 kB )

Dave Elliot Open University UK Pete West SWEA
Andy Bull SWEA
Duncan Kerridge EcoDyfi
Prof. Dave Elliot, Open University
- The role of community-scale technology projects. (Handouts 827 kB )

Pete West, SWEA
- Community Ownership and Community Interest Companies - biomass and district heating in new build housing. (Handouts 1.3 MB )

Andy Bull; SWEA
- Community scale biogas. (Handouts 232 kB )

Duncan Kerridge, Bro Ddyfi
- The Story of the Bro Ddyfi Community Wind Energy
(Handouts 205 kB )

Louise Rutterford Louise Rutterford, CSE (Handouts )
Help and advice for community renewable projects: Community Action for Energy:
CAfE !

energy 21 history
History of Energy 21 -
- Where Next?
Cooperation possibilities among Energy 21, Transition Towns, CAT and INFORSE.
Tanya Hawkes, CATChris Whitehouse, CAT Tanya Hawkes and Chris Whitehouse, CAT (Handouts153 kB )
Finding the Support for Community renewables
Make it happen !
Group work introduction
Transition Energy Planning in Penwith,
by Charmian Larke, TP, UK
(Handouts 118 kB )
Island Electricity Generation:
by Isle of Eigg, Jaise Kuriakose, CAT, UK

(Handouts 373 kB )
- Samsø Renewable Energy Island,
Film made by Open University, UK
- AIH Ecovillage in Denmark
Film made by Slovak journalist students, Aarhus, Denmark

More on Eergy 21 network:, and CAT as a visitor demonstration center here.

Sustainable Energy Europe CampaignThe event is registered as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Campaign.
INFORSE-Europe is Associate member of the Campaign.
See more at the
Campaign's web site.