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European Sustainable Energy Policy Seminar 2006

Date: March 29, 2006
Place: Brussels, Belgium

Once again, INFORSE-Europe invited its members and other interested parties to a one-day seminar on highlights in sustainable energy policies. The seminar featured discussions among NGOs, politicians, EU officials, and experts. There were sessions about EU policies on renewable energy and on energy efficiency, about subsidies, and about sustainable energy visions. The seminar was organised in cooperation with the European Renewable Energy Federation (EREF), and EUFORES. The number of the prticipants were about 50 people.

See Pictures from the Presentations here


Chair 9.00 – 11.30: Marc Timmer, EUFORES

9.00 Welcome by the organisers

9.10 Sustainable Energy Actions from the European Climate Change Programme(ECCP)
The ECCP review process was started in 2005 and leading to a conclusion in April-May 2006. Overview and ideas for new initiatives that should be included.


- Jane Amilhat, European Commission DG ENV Handouts (file 287 kB), Slides (file 285 kB)
- Matthias Duwe, Climate Action Network - Europe. Handouts (file 269 kB), Slides (file 328 kB)

10.00 Biomass Actions
The new biomass action plan and the upcoming biofuels action plan must be followed by new initiatives. Presentations proposing actions on EU and national levels.

- Peter Danielsson EREF; Handouts (file 129 kB), Slides (file 99 kB)
- Presentation from European Commission on Biomass Action Plan (presented by the organisers) Handouts (file160 kB), Slides (file 196 kB)
- Pete West, INFORSE-Europe. Handouts (file 1.5 MB), Slides (file 6.4 MB)

11.00 R&D Priorities
With the EU budget approved, priorities of the 7th framework programme for research and development should be set. Which prioritise sustainable energy?


- Marc Timmer, EUFORES. Handouts (file 296 kB), Slides (file 296 kB)

11.30 Coffee

Chair 12-13.20: Prof. Thomas B. Johansson, IIIEE, Lund University

12.00 Security of Supply
With soaring oil prices and growing dependence of imported fuels, security of energy supply is high on the agenda. The new Green Paper on security of energy supply will be launched from the EU-DG TREN in 2006. What will it recommend? What alternatives do we have?


- Fabrizio Barbaso, Deputy Director General of DG TREN: link to the Green Paper
- Claude Turmes, EU Parliamentarian.

13.00 Energy Efficiency Initiative from EU Parliamentarians
Presentation of new initiative by EU Parliamentarian: Claude Turmes Link to the Energy Efficiency Watch Initiative

13.20 Lunch

Chair 14.30 - 17.30 Emil Bedi, INFORSE

14.30 Environmental Harmful Subsidies
Energy subsidies threaten our environment and hampers economic development. On the other hand, some subsidies are justified because of market failures. Views on levels and trends in energy subsidies in EU countries and proposals to phase out the unjustified, harmful subsidies.

- Tim Rusche, European Commission, DG Tren (no online presentation)
Dörte Fouquet, EREF (no online presentation)
- Antony Froggatt (consultant to European Parliament)
--- Environmentally Harmful Subsidies: Handout (file 284 kB), Slides (file 390 kB)
--- Public Funding for Energy: Handout (file 265 kB), Slides (file 272 kB)

15.30 Coffee

16.00 External Costs and their Potential Integration in Energy Costs
The environmental costs are increasingly documented. Views on the methodology, level of environmental costs, as well as their current and potential internalisation via taxes etc.

- Domenico Rossetti Valdalbero, Energy Programme, DG Research, European Commission
Handouts (file 1.2 MB), Slides (file 3.3 MB)
- Dörte Fouquet, EREF
Handout (file 263 kB), Slides (file 267 kB)

17.00 Sustainable Energy Visions Compared
Comparing visions of sustainable energy development of INFORSE and EREC with recent scenarios of European Environmental Agency, and others. Crucial issues discussed include: how much biomass can we use sustainable and how fast can we introduce energy efficiency.


- Gunnar Boye Olesen, INFORSE-Europe. Handouts (file 264 kB), Slides (file 392kB)

Cost: 60 Euro, including lunch and refreshments. Free for INFORSE-Europe members.

Venue: Rue Joseph II 166, 1000 Brussels. Beside Berlaymont Building and Charlemagne building. Metro: Schuman, exit Charlemagne.

Download Program ( 307 kB)

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