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INFORSE-Europe Exhibition, Wels, March 2005

INFORSE participated in the poster exhibition of the World Sustainable Energy Days 2005 on March 2-4, 2005.

Vision 2050 Proved to be Realistic

By Emil Bedi, INFORSE-Europe Coordinator, FAE Slovakia

The posters focused on our activities, among others the Vision 2050, and the online and the school education. We distributed the INFORSE-Europe brochures and the most recent issues of the Sustainable Energy News, copies of which were taken eagerly by many attendees.
The event was organised by the Upper Austrian Energy Savings Agency. It offered a unique combination of features, such as the European Pellets Conference, followed by the seminars on Innovative Public and Commercial Buildings, Energy Sustainable Communities, poster presentation and a large Energy Saving Exhibition.
Sustainable Energy Days are held every year. The Austrian city of Wels has become probably the most important meeting place of experts on renewable energy technologies in Central Europe.

Vision 2050
At the poster exhibition, INFORSE’s “ Vision 2050” generated big interest.
It should be stressed that we were the strongest environmental grass-root NGO network organization presented here.
Our vision of a fossil-free energy future seems to be really convincing at events like this. Upper Austria covers 30 % of its primary energy from renewables, with more than half of it coming from biomass and solar (achieved in less than the decade).
Thus, more than 600 participants of the conference had the opportunity to confront our vision with the reality and ambitious plans of this Austrian region with its 1,5 million inhabitants. According to governmental plans the doubling of share of the biomass and solar energy in the next 10 years will lead to almost 50 % coverage of primary energy by the renewables here.
Growth like this means that our target year for fossil-free energy future is more than realistic even for highly developed European regions.
See more on the Vision 2050 here.

Photos shows the INFORSE-Europe poster exhibition, which generated big interest.

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