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Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

Updated: January 2008, 2006, 2005

The EU Commission is of the opinion that on top of existing regulation and initiatives, a widespread action is essential to meet Kyoto’s criteria. It is in that context that the Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 Campaign has been launched.

The Sustainable Energy Europe 2005-2008 Campaign is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (2003-2006) program. Set for a period of 4 years, the Campaign will contribute to the achievement of EU energy policy goals and targets in the fields of renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, clean transport and alternative fuels. It aims to raise public awareness and promote sustainable energy production and use among individuals and organizations, private companies and public authorities, professional and energy agencies, industry associations and NGOs across Europe. It should also stimulate the necessary trends towards an increase in private investment in sustainable energy technologies.

The projects and programs selected by the Commission will benefit from a range of promotional and communication tools that will therefore increase the visibility of these actions at a European level.
This initiative will also foster the debate between decision-makers and the civil society at a regional, national and European level.

The overall goal of this campaign is to spread regional and national best-practice. Indeed, by raising awareness of key issues and demonstrating to others, throughout the EU Member States, how barriers have been overcome and problems solved. This transfer of know-how can convince and assist local populations and organizations when taking the first steps towards sustainable energy use.

INFORSE-Europe is Campaign Associate, and Sustainable Energy News is Media Asocciate. INFORSE-Europe was among the exhibitors at EUSEW08 in January 2008, and as participated on EUSEW07, as well as on the first Conference of the campaign in 2005.
INFORSE-Europe's European sustainable energy policy events in 2007 and 2008 were recognized as are part of the SE Campian events Brussels'07, Samsoe'07, Brussels'08.

See: Reviews of the INFORSE participation: EUSEW08, Conference'05, articles published in Sustainable Energy News on the first Conference (No. 50, 51) INFORSE as Campaign associate (No. 52 page 7) and shorter reviews and announcements in later issues in 55, 57, 58, 59).

Within the Campaign, achievable benchmarks for 2008 are also provided, in order to measure the progress of sustainable energy actions and serve as goals for decision-makers and planners.

Achievable Benchmarks for 2008 arising from EU Policy and Legislation

Renewable Energy Sources  
Wind 15 000 MW new capacities of wind turbine

Solar thermal

35 million m2 of solar thermal installations
Photovoltaic 1500 MWp of photovoltaic installations
Geothermal 15 new power plants and 10 new low-mid temperature plants and250 000 new installed geothermal heat pumps
Small hydro 2 000 MW new capacities of small hydro installations
Biogas 6 000 new biogas plants
Biomass 450 new combined heat and power plants and13 000 new district/centralized heating unit installations


Fuels for transport  
Bioethanol Fivefold increase in the production of bioethanol
Biodiesel Threefold increase in the production of biodiesel


Energy performance in buildings  
General 5 million inspections and assessments of heating systems2 million inspections and assessments of cooling systems10 000 new Energy services contracts between public authorities and private companies
Existing residences (small buildings) 2 million new Energy performance certifications
Existing residences (single and multi-family housing) 10 million residences to reduce energy consumption by 30-40% compared to actual consumption 1 million additional residences with 50% of delivered energy provided by renewables
Existing buildings(> 1000 m2) 100 000 Energy performance certifications 50 000 additional buildings with 50% of delivered energy provided by renewables
New residences (single family housing) 50 000 ‘very low’ energy houses built
All residences in EU 1 low-energy appliance and 1 low-energy light source (CFL) – monitoring at the level of sales

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