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EU Parliament Elections

European Election 09 EP Candidates' Opinion on Climate and Energy,
Result of a Questionnaire, June 4, 2009
Press Release: Download PDF 221 kB.

A number of members of INFORSE-Europe have asked the leading candidates in different EU countries on their positions to some main climate and energy questions. In the coming years the EU parliamentarians will get large influence on what is decided in the EU on climate and energy policies. Thus, it is important for voters to know the position of the candidates on these issues at the elections.

Comparable data available for Romania, Bulgaria and Denmark. The organisations asking the candidates were: In Romania: Earth Friends together with Climate Action Romania, In Bulgaria: Za Zemiata, and in Denmark, In Denmark: OVE the Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy.

Results: Comparing Romania and Bulgaria with Denmark shows that the Danish candidates are more ambitious on climate questions, but not very much. For instance 7 of 9 Danish top candidates support phase-out of fossil fuel in EU in 2050 or earlier, while this opinion is shared by3 of 4 top candidates in Bulgaria and 5 of 12 Romanian candidates. 5 of 9 Danish top candidates are in favour of a more ambitious target than 20% renewable energy in 2020 - the current EU target, a view shared by 3 of the 4 Bulgarian top candidates and 7 of 12 Romanian candidates.

Regarding nuclear power 6 of 9 Danish top candidates are in favour of phase-out of nuclear power in the EU, a view shared by2 of 4 Bulgarian top candidates, but only by 2 of 12 Romanian candidates.

Finally, the vast majority of candidates support that actions to combat climate change is increased to 1% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in the EU countries: all Romanian and Bulgarina as well as 6 of 9 Danish candidates.

Gunnar Boye Olesen, coordinator of INFORSE-Europe comments the results: "It is a positive sign for the future that so many top candidates are in favour of ambitious climate policies, also in the two newest EU countries. It gives hopes that the EU can step up its climate policy ambitions and increase activities to sufficiently contribute to avoid harmful, large-scale effects of climate change".

Read the answers document 4-countries, document Romania, document Bulgaria
The Bulgarian results can be also read here.