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International Conference on Energy and Education,
April 6-7, 2006, Budapest, Hungary

Organised by European Sustainable Energy Education Forum (ESEEF) in the framework of an ALTENER Project.
More information on the Project can be found on the INFORSE-Europe school resource database here.

Among the partners of the Project there are INFORSE-Europe member organisations like OVE from Denmark, and CLER from France.

On behalf of Sustainable Energy News/INFORSE-Europe, Judit Szoleczky participated on the conference.

Proceeding of the Seminar can be found on the ESEEF/ISES project web site here.

Pictures from the Conference, Poster Presentation and the Technical Tour:

Pictures made by Judit Szoleczky.

(The Conference was just in the time when the water level of the Danube was very high. The lower road beside the Parliament was flooded.)

By István Farkas, professor & ISES-Hungary (left) and by Janus Hendrichsen, SEF/OVE, Denmark (right)
Welcome Panel of the Conference.
From left to right:
István Farkas, Rolf Behringer, José Fluxa Garcia, Daniela Mormile.
Welcome: Cultural presentations by Hungarian children.
Conference participants.
Introduction of the participants.
This time the Hungarian group.
By Daniela Mormile, European Commission, DG Energy and Transport, and by José Fluxa Garcia, European Commission, ALTERNER

By Prof. Sigrid Jannsen, the German Solar Energy Society (DGS), (left), and
by Rolf Behringer (right) ISES & ESEEF project, Germany.

By Mari Juuti from MOTIVA, Finland and by Ms. Ani Dobrinova from the Bulgarian Solar Energy Society

"Ms Waste and Ms Tricks". Theatre Play on Energy and Education by a French organisation which is member of CLER.

Ms Waste got fainted. Why? ... She got her electricity bill and saw how much she needs to pay. (left)
Ms Trick examines the bill and explains what Ms Waste can do
. (right)


Ms Tricks explains what Ms Waste should look at before she buys a washing machine. Ms Wate thinks that she only needs to look at which is the cheapest.

Ms Waste is learning about energy efficient bulbs, and they are singing a rap song together about the difference between the electric bulbs.

Exhibition and Poster Presentations:

Kids4Energy Cards, explained by Raphaël Claustre from CLER, France.

Poster presentations:
Denmark, Poland, Germany, Romania, Hungary etc
Poster presentations:
Results of the Bulgarian School Competition, Bulgarian Solar Energy Society.
Poster presentations:
Results of the Romanian School Competition: Renewable Energy Models, ISES Romania
Welcome at the St. Stephan University in Gödöllö.
Technical Tour.
Two types of PV panels on the roof of the university building, and the control system.
Solar drier drying carrots on the roof of the university building.
PV and solar-thermal water heater on the on the roof of the university building.
Solar-thermal water heating of a swimming pool and a kindergarten next to the University in Gödöllö.