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Belarus-Danish NGO Cooperation Project

Activities in 2003-04:
In 2003-04, a national Sustainable Energy Plan was developed for Belarus, based on experience with sustainable energy solutions in Western Europe as well as on INFORSE’s experience with the Vision 2050 strategy for phase-out of fossil and nuclear energy until 2050.

The activities in 2003-04, included publishing the Green News newsletter, and presentations of the proposals, including dialogues with the official energy planners.

The project "Energy Dialogues: Open the Door for Alternative Energy Solutions in Belarus" in 2003-04 was supported by the Danish Open Air Council, Small Project Fund. The project was managed by INFORSE-Europe and Belaya Rus in Belarus.

Read the NGO energy report describing the Vision 2050: English version (word, 140 kByte)
Read the report in Russian: (to content-page)


Activities in 2000-2001:

In 2000-2001, the Belarus youth environmental movement “Belaja Rus” organised campaigns for
- energy efficiency, renewable energy
- waste separation, and
- public participation in environmental decision-making.

In the waste campaign and the energy campaign in Minsk, young people including pupils were invited to discussions of environmental problems of waste and energy in Belarus, and of what people can do themselves to reduce the problems.

In an environmental awareness bus tour, volunteers from Belaja Rus visited 13 schools around Belarus, introducing the campaigns.

The campaigns are supported by leaflets on energy efficiency, waste, and public participation in Russian, made by “Belaja Rus”.

In addition, the organisation produced teacher-guides, along with the newsletter “Zelenie Novosti” for young people and teachers in Belarus.

See Pictures from the Environmental Awareness Bus Tour in 2001:
Pictures on page No. 1. (162 kB pdf file)
Pictures on page No. 2. (189 kB pdf file)

See two issues of Green News in English:
Articles about Belorus were translated to English from the issues of Zelenie Novosti in 2001

Green News - English Version 2001: Nr.1 (538 kB pdf file)
Green News - English Version 2001: Nr.2 (488 kB pdf file)

See Contents of "Green News" in Russian: 1999, 2000, 2001

See Frontpages of Publications of Belaya Rus made during the project.

The activities were conducted in co-operation with two INFORSE-Europe members, ‘Belaja Rus’ and OVE the Danish Organisation for Renewable Energy (
with support from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. (in English)