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QUIZ - Solution ! :-)

What are the correct answers?
Here they are:

Here comes even more fun !

1.) How much do fossil fuels cover of the total world primary energy supply?
A. 49%
B. 67%
C. 80% X

2.) How many years of oil reserves are left in the World and in Western Europe?
(If the proven reserves of oil remain and the current level of consumption is to continue)
A. 40 yr and 10 yr X
B. 60 yr and 30 yr
C. 80 yr and 40 yr X

3.) Why is wind a renewable energy source?
A. Because the wind will blow minimum 100 years more
B. Because the wind will blow 500 years more
C. Because the wind will continue blow, independently of its use X :-)

4.) 2004 saw the second largest installation of global wind power capacity (7,644 MW). Which country had the largest installation?
A. Spain X (You can read about this in Sustainable Energy News issue #48)
B. Germany
C. India

5.) What % of the world wind power capacity is installed in the EU by 2005?
A. 73% X
B. 60%
C. 46%

6.) How many homes without electric heating can be supplied with electricity from a 1.5-MW wind turbine?
A. 12
B. 120
C. 1200 X

7.A) What is a Solar Thermal Collector?
A. Somebody who collects Pokémon energy cards? :-)
B. A unit that produces heat from the sun X
C. A unit that produces electricity from the sun

7.B) What is a Solar PV Cell ?
D. A sunny cell in a Buddhist Monastery :-)
E. A unit that produces heat from the sun
F. A unit that produces electricity from the sun X

8.) Which angle is optimal for a solar collector to collect most solar energy?
A. Usually as horizontal as possible
B. Usually the same angle as the latitude of the site (e.g. 52 degree in Belgium) X
C. Usually 70-90 degree from horizontal

9.) How many m2 solar thermal collectors are installed in the EU by 2005?
A. 16.000.000 m2 X
B. 1.000.000 m2
C. 48.000.000 m2

10.) How far should a house be from a wind mill (1.3MW) and from a motorway (50.000 cars/day 120 km/hour) to keep the noise at a reasonable level (45 dB) in front of the house?
A. 500 m from both
B. 600 m from windmill and 300 m from the motorway
C. 300 m from windmill and 1600m from the motorway X ( A motorway is more noisy than a wind mill )

11.) What can we do with the CO2 from a solar collector or a wind turbine?
A. The CO2 can be stored in an underground storage
B. Solar and wind energy use do not produce CO2 :-)
C. The CO2 can be evaporated

12.) Could 100% of the energy supply be covered by renewable energy in 2050?
A. It will be impossible before 2100
B. It is achievable if there is political will X ( See INFORSE's Vision 2050 ! )

C. Only if the population remains below the present number.

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