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INFORSE at Green Week' 09
INFORSE-Europe participated as exhibitor at the EU Green Week, where the theme was "Climate Change"
June 23-26, 2009 in Brussels.

Entrance of the Green Week Conference and Exhibition (left),
INFORSE-Europe Information booth on the 2nd floor (right).
Entrance of the EU Green Week'09

Judit and Julia at the INFORSE info booth

The exhibition of the information booth featured INFORSE-Europe's main activities:
INFORSE-Europe exhibition Sun The Sun radiated showing our activities:
- Strategy (Sustainable Energy Vision with 100% renewables by 20030 / 2050)
- School (Resources database explaining in English different national resources)
- Sen (Sustainable Energy News)
Quiz and Broshure

Many chose to fill out our Quiz, which was fun! :-)

The winners got 1-year subscription of Sustainable Energy News.

- Go to Quiz´09
- Go to Quiz´09 with answers.

The INFORSE Team at the exhibition:
Judit Szoleczky, Gunnar Boye Olesen, Hélène Connor (HELIO International), Julia Verdun (CLER)
At the INFORSE-Europe Info booth  Gunnar and Julia Helena and Julia at the INFORSE info booth
The small PV-powered helicopter raised attention!
Many of the visitors got a copy of a Sustainable Energy News (SEN) and the INFORSE-Europe Brochure explaining our activities. Download here (98 kB pdf)
Students were picking up a brochure on the online education (DIERET) possibility in English.

A Scottish youth radio made an interview about our online school resource database, where INFORSE-Europe collect and review educational materials available on the internet in English.
The posters on developing countries showed how renewable energy can be used to reduce poverty in developing countries.
Read more on the South Asia Renewable Energy Manual published at the INFORSE-Asia website.
Mathias, Julia, Vanya at the INFORSE-Europe boothMany visited the exhibition: People from EU Commission, local authorities, companies, and students. Mostly people from Belgium, UK, France, Germany, but also a few from Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Poland.
On the picture our NGO partners and members: Matthias Duwe from (CAN-Europe, Belgium), and Julia Verdun (Volunteer at CLER, France), Vanya Walker-Leigh (MEEREA, Malta) (left to right).
The INFORSE's Sustainable Energy Vision 20030/2050 with 100% of renewables raised high interest as it was also one of the topics of the Conference.
A Washington based radio made an interview on the INFORSE Sustainable Energy Scenarios.
Many signed up to the get more information on the new Low Carbon Societies Network.
INFORSE-Europe is a network of 75 organisations from 33 European countries. Several of the members visited the information booth. We gave also place to the Sustainable Energy Campaign brochures as INFORSE-Europe is Campaign Associate.

INFORSE-Europe participated at the Green Week in 2005.
See coverage of this at Green Week 05.

More information on the Green Week on the EU's home page:
EU Green Week, and
EU Green Week 2009