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Belarus - Danish - Swedish
Cooperation Project - ECSE (2012-14)

ECSE Project Description Russian

Project's name: ECSE
"Engaging Citizens in Sustainable Energy to improve environment and local Economy”

Project period: September 2012 - December 2014.

Project coordinator: International Network for Sustainable Energy - Europe (INFORSE - Europe) (Denmark)

Project partners: Skåne Energy Agency (SEA) (Sweden), and Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES) (Belarus).

Financing: The project is financed by the European Union - " Development and Cooperation - EuropeAid" (75%);
and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) (25%).

Overall objective: Promote cooperation between NGO’s, citizens, and local authorities in democratic policy decisions regarding future local energy supply and use.

Specific objective: Strengthen the capacities of NGOs and local authorities to develop and implement strategies for transition to more sustainable energy supply and use, promote citizens’participation in policy dialogues, and reach out to promote further development of local strategies to make energy supply and use more sustainable in democratic ways in Belarus.

Main activities:

1. Training of local authorities and other stakeholders in the three selected local areas. Training tours to Sweden - Denmark and Central Europe.

Group picture
- Study Tour in Sweden and Denmark:
Program and Compendium, Pictures and Presentation handouts.
Download all material in English/Russian from the following link: Swedish-Danish Study Tour.

- Study Tour in Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary:
Program, Compendium, Pictures and Presentation handouts.
Download all material in English/Russian from the following link
: Central Europe Study Tour.

2. Assessment report of the local situations and potentials for energy efficiency and renewable energy in three areas:
Assessment Report of energy consumption and potentials in the
Belarus regions of Puchovichy, Braslaw, and Shuchin.

2013, Minsk, Belarus, 153 pages (Russian).

Power Point Presentation of the Assessment at the Study Tour.

3. Action Plans for transition to more sustainable energy in three local area:

- Energy and Climate Action Plan including
pre feasibility studies.
2014, Minsk, Belarus,
80 pages,
- Energy and Climate Action Plan including
pre feasibility studies.
2014, Minsk, Belarus,
55 pages,
- Energy and Climate Action Plan including
pre feasibility studies.
2014, Minsk, Belarus
50 pages,
4. Feasibility studies for important energy solutions in the three local areas:

Feasibility studies in Puchovichy:
-- Thermal insulation of apartment buildings' envelopes
-- Biogas plants at waste water treatment plants
-- Solar collectors at the buildings of a hospital

Feasibility studies in Braslaw:
-- Straw boilers at the central heating system
-- Heat exchangers at apartment buildings
-- Equipment for purification of liquids at a dairy plant

Feasibility studies in Shuchin:
-- Replacement of old boilers with new efficient ones
-- Biogas plant at a milk processing plant
-- Solar panels on the building of the library of the regional public cultural center

5. Small demonstration systems of local solutions, one in each of the three areas: Puchovichy, Braslaw, and Shuchin.

- Puchovichy - Central Library of the House of Culture, and a gymnasium.
Demo: Solar PV system (panels, inverter, controller and accumulators) and 6 energy saving computers (nettops).

- Braslaw: Braslaw sport hall for school children.
Demo: Solar collector system for water heating.

- Shuchin: One of the central streets of Schuchin.
10 streetlights were replaced by LED-lights.

6. Handbook in Local Transition to Efficient use of Renewable Energy
2014, Minsk, Belarus
40 pages,
Download from CES's web site.
7. Outreach with local and national seminars/conferences in Belarus

Regional Assessment of Potential and Plans:
-- Puchovichy / Marina Gorka - 2 October 2013
-- Braslaw - 11 December 2013.
-- Shuchin - 5 November 2013.

Action Plans and Prefeasibilities:
-- Press Tour and Plans on Climate Neutrality of Braslaw (February 2014):
-- Energy Festivals in Marina Gorka and Braslaw (27 May and 29-30th of May, 2014)
-- Puchovichy / Marina Gorka (17 July and 3 September, 2014)

Local Energy Plans and Demonstrations:
-- Puchovichy / Marina Gorka - January 6, 2015
-- Braslaw - January 9, 2015
-- Shuchin - January 8, 2015

National Conferences/Roundtables/Seminars:
-- Polotsk, Conference of Covenant of Mayors (24-27 of June, 2014)
-- Minsk (23 October, 2014)

Many of the above events are reviewed on the Project's web site of CES in Russian with media links.

7. EU Outreach with Presentations, and Newsletter in English.
EESC Side Event-Belarus presentation

Presentation at the UNFCCC COP13 at the EU Pavilion in Warsaw, Poland
"Civil society engaging in local renewable energy production" Organised by European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)
15 November 2013, 10.30 - 12.30, "Vilnius" room, EU Pavilion.
"Projects in field of energy efficiency in Belarus" by Dmitry Burenkin from Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus.
Download the presentation from the event's web site: EESC web site.
Reviewed also at: INFORSE's web site of the COP13.

Poster Presentation at Kassel, Germany at the 100%-RE Conference, November 2014.
Download Poster from the 100RE web site: (last page of Posters pdf file)
Download only the Braslaw Poster from here (0.7 MB, pdf file).
Interview on Braslaw at the 100RE Conference (you tube).

Sustainable Energy News, Theme on Belarus and the Project, pages 4-8
Issue No. 76, December 2014

- Local Energy & Climate Plans
- Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects
- Belarus Cities Joining EU Covenant of Mayors & 100% RE
- Energy Advice Center in Belarus
(link to the issue, 1,7 MB pdf file)

Sustainable Energy News, Article on the Project start on page 11,
Issue No. 75, November 2013

INFORSE in Belarus:
- Study Tours: North & Central Europe / ECSE Project
- Project by INFORSE, SEA (Sweden) and CES (Belarus).
(Link to the issue, 1.9 MB pdf file)

Sustainable Energy News, Article on the Project start on page 9,
Issue No. 74, November 2012
INFORSE brings Dialogue. Belarus: Engaging Citizens
(Link to the issue, 1.7 MB pdf file)
Read more:

CES's web site on the Project:
Download all publications in Russians from:
-- Sustainable Energy in Belarus Regions Project

Links to the official web site of the Belarus Regions/Districts:
-- Braslaw District
-- Puchovichy District
-- Shuchin District
Partners of the Project:
INFORSE-Europe, International Network for Sustainable Energy, Denmark
att. Gunnar Boye Olesen,
Judit Szoleczky
E: ove [at]
Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus
att. Dmitry Burenkin (Project Coordinator) and Olga Astapovich (Press)
E: info [at]
burenkin [at]

Skåne Energy Agency (SEA), Sweden
E: Cecilia Thapper (coordinator),
Per-Johan Wik (energy planer)
att. cecilia.thapper [at],
E: per-johan.wik [at]

Financial Supporters of the Project:
This web page has been produced by the Project "Engaging Citizens in Sustainable Energy to improve environment and local Economy” (ECSE) with the financial assistance of the European Union and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA)
The contents of this web page are the sole responsibility of the ECSE Project Partners: INFORSE-Europe, Denmark (Project Coordinator), Skane Energy Agency (SEA) Sweden, and Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus; and can under no circumstances be regarded as reflecting the position of the financial supporters i.e. European Union and SIDA.

Read about the Project on INFORSE's web site in Russian.