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Advocate for Sustainable Energy Transition
ASET Project in 2016-2017
Armenia - Belarus - Macedonia - Serbia - Ukraine

The 1-year project "Strengthening Civil Society to Advocate for Sustainable Energy Transition" in short ASET Project has started at the end of August 2016 and finishes in October 2017.
The Project is an NGO Cooperation across the INFORSE-Europe network in 5 Eastern European countries:
Armenia, Belarus, Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine and Denmark.

The overall development objective of the Project is the transition of the 5 project countries, and ultimately the region to sustainable energy in a way that eliminates energy poverty and reduces poverty in general via creation of local jobs in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The Project will facilitate to develop and promote sustainable energy strategies that are supported by a group of civil society organisations and that are influencing the official energy strategies or plans. This influence is either local or national, depending on the country.

The ASET project activities and results include:
International Conference on Energy from Biomass 2017, Kyjev, Ukraine

September 20, 2017
International Conference on Energy from Biomass 2017, Kyjev, Ukraine
Presentation of 100% RE Scenarios of Ukraine developed by the ASET project,
by Oleksandra Tryboi and V. Epik from the Renewable Energy Agency.

See the presentation at under 2017.
or 100 RE Presentation (pdf 1 MB).
INFORSE European workshop at Folkecenter August 2016

August 21-25, 2016 - European Outreach
European workshop for civil society organisations on sustainable energy strategies and local solutions at the Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, Denmark.

The countries involved in the ASET project have presented their Scenarios of Transition Towards 100% RE. See the presentations below:

Olexandra Tryboi, REA, Ukraine, speaker at INFORSE-Europe seminar 2016 Transition of Ukraine (pdf file 1 MB)
by Olexandra Tryboi, NGO Renewable Energy Agency, Ukraine.

Download the full Reportby REA in Ukranian (87 pages) and in English (101 pages) from from REA's website.
Dzimitry Buronkin CES  speaker at INFORSE-Europe seminar 2016 Transition of Belarus (pdf file 318 kB)
by Dzimitry Buronkin, Centre for Environmental Solution (CES), Belarus.

Download the full report in Russian from CES's web site and read on press conference in Belarus on 28.11.2017.
Jasmina Said, EKO-svest, Macedonia, speaker at INFORSE-Europe seminar 2016 Transition of Macedonia (pdf file 411 kB)
by Jasmina Said, EKO-svest, Macedonia.
Artashes Sargsyan, Ecoteam, Armenia., speaker at INFORSE-Europe seminar 2016 Transition of Armenia (pdf file 1 MB)
by Artashes Sargsyan, Ecoteam, Armenia.
Nikola Perusic, CEKOR, Serbia, speaker at INFORSE-Europe seminar 2016 Transition of Subotica in Serbia to Renewable Energy (pdf file 2,6 MB)
by Nikola Perusic, CEKOR, Serbia.

Spring-summer 2017
Development of Proposals Based on the Strategies:

Following the process on the sustainable energy strategy, in each country the partner will develop inputs or proposals for official strategies and eventually legislation.
E.g., in Belarus and Serbia, where the focus is on local strategies, the partners will develop proposals for one or two local strategies with specific proposals that might form elements of sustainable energy action plan(s) that the local authorities can use to join the EU Covenant of Mayors

ASET start up meeting


August 30 - September 1, 2016
Start-up Meeting, Subotica, Serbia
At the meeting we:
- heard reviews of the situation in Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Armenia.
- made an overview of the joint and national activities of the project.
- discussed energy planning: how to build local and national energy plans, examples of planning tools, experiences in how to succeed by NGOs with campaigns to influence energy plans, the value of NGO-driven plans.
- discussed campaigning for sustainable energy transition and planning.

Energy efficiency to 100RE

Autumn and winter 2016
Development of Sustainable Energy Strategies

Spring 2017
Workshop/seminar/stakeholder meetings in each country to discuss national or local strategy:

The draft strategies will be the focus of dialogues with civil society (for local strategies, also with municipalities). Based on inputs from workshops and other dialogues, the strategies will be finalised together with a joint agreement or statement from civil society organisations.

Partners of the Project:
VedvarendeEnergi logo
INFORSE-Europe, International Network for Sustainable Energy
CEKOR - Centre for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Serbia
Eko-Svest, Macedonia
SustainableEnergy (VedvarendeEnergi)
in cooperation with INFORSE-Europe, International Network for Sustainable Energy, Denmark (Coord.)
att. Mette R. Bowadt, Gunnar B. Olesen,
Judit Szoleczky
E: ove [at]
W: and

CEKOR - Centre for Ecology and Sustainable Development, Serbia

att. Natasa Dereg
E: djnatasa [at]

Eko-Svest, Macedonia

att. Jasmina Said
E: info [at]

Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus
Renewable Energy Agency (REA), Ukraine
Renewable Energy Agency (REA), Ukraine

Centre of Environmental Solutions (CES), Belarus
att. Dmitry Burenkin
E: info [at]

Renewable Energy Agency (REA), Ukraine
att.Tetiana Zhelyezna, Oleksandra Tryboi
E: info [at]
Renewable Energy Agency (REA), Ukraine
att. Artashes Sargsyan
E: [at]
The project is financial supported by the Eastern Neighbourhood Civil Society Fund of CISU - Civil Society in Development, Denmark.
CISU Denmark logo