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INFORSE Synergies Across Continents
Global NGO Network Cooperation Project in
East & West Africa, South Asia and Latin America
2022 - 2023

Local Solutions Proposed for Climate Action & Development and PoliciesNEWS: Launch Publication: 30 August, 2023
Local Solutions Proposed for Climate Action & Development and Policies to Promote & Scale-up Local Sustainable Energy Solutions
Developed by INFORSE Coordinators in South Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Europe.

Download: Publication (92 pages, 7.5 MB pdf)

Advocacy material from the members online:
- Solar Dryer by Mitraniketan in India (pdf, 2 pages)
- Clean cooking by PDAP in Bangladesh (pdf, 2 pages)

INFORSE Synergies Across Continents - Global Cooperation Project - 2022-2023

Global Cooperation - Webinars - Training Material on Local Sustainable Solutions
In the framework of the project we organise a series of webinars and develop training material on local, sustainable energy solutions that are important for a transition to sustainable energy as well as for the development and poverty reduction.
The webinars are organised by the INFORSE Regional Coordinators involving INFORSE members and development of training material.

Project Partners:
Regional coordinators of International Networks for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE) in East Africa, West Africa, South Asia, and Latin America.
INFORSE-East Africa; Tatedo, Tanzania,
- INFORSE West Africa: ENDA-Energy, Senegal;
- INFORSE South Asia: INSEDA in India
- INFORSE Latin America: REDES in Argentina, and LIMA in Brazil

Project Duration: 2022- 2023

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The Project Coordinator:
DIB, Denmark and INFORSE Secretariat att. Gunnar Boye Olesen.
In South Asia, the coordinator is Sanjiv Nathan, INFORSE-South Asia, INSEDA, India

The Project is Supported by:
Civil Society fund of CISU - Civil Society in Development, Denmark.