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INFORSE-South Asia NGO Cooperation Project
Poverty Reduction with Sustainable Energy
2005 - 2008

INFORSE South Asia Cooperation Project on Sustainable Energy to Reduce Poverty

From March 2005 to January 31 2008, the organisations of INFORSE-South Asia cooperated on a joint project to strengthen the capacities of NGOs to incorporate sustainable energy into their work for poverty reduction.

The participating organisations were:
INSEDA and AIWC from India, IDEA from Sri Lanka, CRT from Nepal, and Grameen Shakti from Bangladesh.

The project was supported by:
The Danish Small Grant Facility for NGOs’ development projects; it involved the Danish Organisation for Sustainable Energy (OVE) and the Danish International Settlement Service (DIB).

Project Activities:

The project focused on training in practical solutions with new training materials in English and in the four national languages; seminars for NGOs in the four countries; an additional focus on NGO involvement in national policies and strategies; and strengthening of the INFORSE network in the region.

Project Duration:

The project lasted almost 3 years. It started with an inception meeting at the end of March 2005 in Sri Lanka.

Contact the project partner in your country. If you are outside the region, contact INSEDA or OVE. Their contact information can be found in the INFORSE database.

Read more:

Link: Current Situation in South Asia
(Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka)

Link: Manual on Solution Using Sustainable Energy to Reduce Poverty
(Available in English and national languages)

Link: Energy Successes and Good Practices for Poverty Reduction

Link: Seminar Meeutings