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Contents SEN 67
Front page of Sustainable Energy News 67
Editorial p. 2
Don’t Fear a Sustainable
Energy Transition

World p. 3
- Climate in Copenhagen

Europe p. 4-8
- EU Policy Update p. 4-5
- Compromise on “Building” Directive
- A + + +
- Research and Development Support, also for NGOs
- EU Structural Funds - Too Little for
Sustainable Energy
- Biofuels must be sustainable
- Energy Service Directive
- Energy Poverty

INFORSE-Europe Visions p. 6
- A Vision for a Vibrant & Resilient 21st Century
- Sustainable Energy Vision for the EU and Denmark
- Education p. 7-8
- Reaching Out to Over 10,000 Schools in Ukraine
- The Climate Caravan in Denmark

Africa/Asia p. 9-10
- News from INFORSE Africa & Asia
- Adapting Energy Systems to Climate Change
- Efficient Cookstoves: Successes with
Carbon Credits, Nepal
- Small-Scale Biogas Project of INSEDA Members
and Partners for Carbon Credit - India
- Solar Dryers for Poverty Alleviation

Events p. 11

Back Page p. 12
- Sustainable Energy News
- DIERET CD, South Asia CD
- INFORSE Online Database

Inside printed:
- Newsletter of the Low Carbon
- Societies Network, p 1-4
- Events
- Low Energy Scenarios for Germany
- Summary of the Analysis of Existing
- French Low-Carbon Scenarios
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Sustainable Energy News
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ISSUE #67 Sustainable Energy News (2009-12-01)
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