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Sustainable Energy News from 1992 - to present (2020)
Published 2020
Quarterly/Biannual Newsletter of INFORSE
Published since 1992.
Dowloadable in pdf format from the website.
Among the Themes are: Energy & Poverty, Gender. Climate and Energy
ISSN 0908-4134
Catalogue Local Climate Solutions in East Africa
Published 2020
Online: 50 cases. The solutions include improved cookstoves and ovens, mini-grids, pressure cooker, solar lamps, solar dryers, solar cookers, backyard gardening, and much more.
Baseline Studies: EASE-CA East Africa Sustainable Energy & Climate. Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda (2019)
Published 2019
Baseline Studies on sustainable energy and other climate solutions: Document current status; Identify opportunities for advocacy and lobbying; Map out CSOs and SMEs. The studies are primarily based on literature reviews.
WHITE PAPER: Climate Mitigation & Adaption with Eco-Village Development (EVD)Solutions in South Asia
Published 2018
Technologies include: Improved cookstoves, Household biogas plants, (solar home systems, solar lamps). Village scale power (mini and micro grids), Solar drying. Organic Farming, Composting, Climate mitigation effects on village level.
Manual ToT Eco-Village Development (EVD) - 2018
Published 2018
Socio-Technical Manual for Training of Trainers:
Manual on Participatory Planning, Technology and Knowledge Transfer of Eco-Village Development in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
Available in English, Hindi, Bangla, Nepali, Sinhala.
Eco-Village Development as Climate Solution - Proposals from South Asia
Published 2017
by INFORSE-South Asia, INSEDA, India, CRT Nepal, IDEA Sri Lanka, Grameen Shakti Bangladesh and CANSA. 60 pages, 2016.
LETTER: May 29 2017 - DEEP CONCERN - Africa Renewable Energy Initiative
Published 2017
Complaint over the EU Involvement of the Africa Renewable Energy Initiative and the Validation of Projects without Due Screening
Report: Greenhouse Emission Reduction Potential of Eco-Village Development (EVD) Solutions
Published 2017
Technologies: Improved cookstoves; Household biogas plants; Household scale power (solar home systems, solar lamps);: Village scale power (mini and micro grids);. Solar drying; and Climate mitigation effects on village level
Combining Energy Access and Climate Protection
Published 2014
How energy can be provided with sustainable energy, reducing emissions and increasing wellbeing
Cases in Asia and Africa.
Compiled by the INFORSE members.
Gender, Climate and Energy 2001-2012
Published 2013
Compilation of Articles on Gender in Sustainable Energy News, 78 pages

Sustainable Energy News Special Edition
Editor: Judit Szoleczky

Energy Access Publication Online
Published 2012
Sustainable Energy Cases from Africa and Asia
Published by INFORSE - International Network for Sustainable Energy
INFORSE Sustainable Energy Vision EU27 2040 (2011)
Published 2011
INFOIRSE's European Sustainable Energy Vision includes a vision for the transition of the energy supply and demand for the 27 EU countries to 100% renewable energy together with phase-out of fossil and nuclear energy until 2040. With the vision and t
DIERET CD ROM Distance Internet Education on Renewable Energy Technology
Published 2009
Study material of the online course.
Published by INFORSE-Europe.
International Network for Sustainable Energy.
2005. New version in 2007 and 2009.
INFORSE-South Asia CD Published, Sustainable Energy Solutions for Poverty Reduction
Published 2008
Published of an INFORSE NGO Cooperation project 2005-08.
The material includes the Manual in 5 languages: English, Hindi, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, and Singhalese.
Study of the Introduction of Renewable Energy in the EU
Published 2006
Current situation and trends in renewable energy in the 25 EU countries, policies for renewable energy and energy efficiency, EU Emission Trading Scheme. Compiled by INFORSE-Europe for EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation.
DVD European Renewable Energy Islands - Showing a way to the future
Published 2005
52-minute film.
The film features renewable energy technologies on European islands.
CD - Energy for Sustainable Development Library 1.0 - 2002
Published 2002
CD ROM including copies of Sustainable Energy News (INFORSE´s newsletter) until 2002, and several hundreds of other publications.
Sustainable Energy Contacts Worldwide - 2002 Excl. Europe
Published 2002
The Contact List which is published in 2 parts every year in Sustainable Energy News. It includes 800 organisations. Please send us corrections!
Success Stories in Central and Eastern Europe 1998-2002
Published 2002
Published by INFORSE-Europe.
News cases added in 2002 also from EU countries.
Sustainable Energy Contacts - Europe 2002
Published 2002
The European part of the Worldwide Contact List included in the SEN 38, October 2002 issue. The Contact Lidt includes 350 organisations.
Please send us corrections!
INFORSE Sustainable Energy Vision 2050 presented at Rio+10 in 2002
Published 2002
Sustainable Energy Vision 2050: A Proposal to Achieve a Sustainable Energy System, Following Environmental and Social Imperatives
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, Michael Kvetny, and Emilio Lebre la Rovere, from INFORSE - International Network for Sustaina
Wind Force 10
Published 2000
A blueprint to achieve 10% of the worlds electricity from wind power by 2020. Below Executive Summary and the report in PDF-format (for free)
Renewable Energy on Small Islands - Second Edition 2000
Published 2000
In the second global overview of renewable energy on small islands is information on 53 islands with experiences with renewable energy and/or plans for future developments. Below major findings and report in PDF-format (for free)
INFORSE Report from COP II
Published 1999
This report covers the activities carried out by the INFORSE Secretariat en close cooperation with the regional INFORSE co-ordinator Enda-tm.
Proceedings from the Global Conference on Renewable Energy Islands 1999
Published 1999
In the proceedings are detailed information about 25 islands world-wide and 18 national, regional and international organisations working with renewable energy on islands. Below proceedings in PDF-format (for free)
Renewable Energy on Small Islands - First Edition April 1998
Published 1998
In the first global overview of renewable energy on small islands is information on 82 islands with experiences with renewable energy and/or plans for future developments. Below major findings and the report in PDF-format (for free)
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A brief presentation of publications on sustainable energy, environment and social development.

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