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Contents SEN 62
Frontpage of Sustainable Energy News (SEN) 62
Editorial p. 2
Sustainable Energy in the 21st Century

World p. 3
- Climate Change – The Negotiations
- IRENA is Becoming a Reality

Europe p. 4-7
INFORSE-Europe activities, etc.:
- Poland Can Benefit from Climate Solutions
- CEE NGO Climate Study for COP in Poznan
- Energy21 Network Revitalised - 2009 Plans
- Sustainable Energy Vision & Actions for Bulgaria
- Visions: Latvia, Lithuania, & Belarus - Updated
- European Sustainable Energy Seminar October
- Straw-Bale Eco-house & Energy Training in
- Proposal for EU-Ukraine Cooperation

EU Policy Update:
- EU Climate and Energy Package Update
- Agreement on Electricity and Gas Market Regulation
- EU on Track to Reach Kyoto Target
- Ecodesign,
-- Decisions for Four Product Groups
-- More Products Will Be Covered
- Updates of Labelling and Ecodesign Directives
- Efficiency Package and Building Directive

Theme: Visions p. 8-10
- INFORSE Sustainable Energy Visions
- Zero Carbon Britain, the Next Stage of the Project
- Balancing Energy Governance Project CUBE

Events p. 11
- Prize-Winning Project for Centre for Sustainable Rural Development in Romania - Youth Summer Camp ‘09
- November 11, 2008 SPARE DAY !

Back Page p. 12
- Sustainable Energy News,
- DIERET CD, South Asia CD,
- INFORSE Online Database
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Sustainable Energy News
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