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Wind Energy, Ukraine
By Gunnar Boye Olesen, OVE, INforSE - Europe
There is great potential for windpower energy in Ukraine. If,
for instance, the 2,700 of shallow waters in the Black and
Asovsk Seas were used for windturbines, this would cover the
entire electricity consumption of Ukraine.
After the Chernobyl accident, several attempts were made to
develop windturbines in Ukraine. The most successful has been
the joint venture Windenergo. It was created as a collaboration
of a number of former military companies that have the necessary
manufacturing facilities and a USA-based company, Kennetec
Windpower. Their first type of windturbine is a 107-kW turbine,
of which three started their operation in May 1993. Now 60 of
these turbines are running near Donuzlav Bay in Cremea. A new
model of windturbine has been developed with a capacity of 250
kW. Three turbines of this type are now in operation.
Beside the Ukrainian windturbines, the Windenergo produces parts
for Kennetec windturbines operating in the USA, which is partly
financing the involvement of Kennetec.
The price for each turbine was initially $23,000 US, well below
world market price. Now the price is $50,000 US, which is close
to world market price. The price increase is due to higher
overhead costs of the companies because of a decreased of other
production. Increased competition and restructuring are expected
to bring prices down again.
The wind-electricity is produced at 2.0 US cents/kWh and sold for
2.4 US cents/kWh to the power company. The consumer price is 3.1
US cents/kWh.
In 1994, the government of Ukraine created a fund for
construction of windturbines. The initial goal was to finance
100 MW of windturbines. Since then, the decision has been made
to support additional development using part of the national
tariff on electricity.
Thus, 0.5% of consumer electricity payments, equal to $15 million
US annually, will be allocated to the fund. The official
Ukrainian energy plan includes the installation of 2000 MW
windturbines by the year 2010. This will cover 10% of the
Ukrainian demand for electricity.

The above article is based on information from Prof. Boris
Koropko of the Institute of Nontraditional Energy, Kiev, Ukraine,
and on the article, "Using Wind Energy in a New Way", Ukrainian
Business Journal 8/95, by Director Lev Dulnev, Windenergo Ltd.
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