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Small Wind Mills in Peru
Wind energy is not unknown in Peru. Several type of small wind
battery chargers and wind pumps have been installed there since
the 70's.
Wind Battery Chargers
Peru has a long tradition in design and manufacturing of wind
generators, most of them using a 12-V car alternator to charge
batteries. The most effective system is the three-bladed Waira
(which means "wind" in the Inca language Quechua). 25 of them are
installed in Peru. They are available in 2 sizes: 700 W (US$
1950) and 1200 W (US$ 2250).
Wind Pumping
Irrigation using wind energy is attractive to the farmers along
the desert coast, near the valleys, where the underground water
is 5-40 m below ground and the area is without water for at
least three months every year. The prices of the Peruvian, Dutch,
American, and German-improved Peruvian irrigating wind pumps
range from US$ 1,200 to US$ 3,500. Most of them have the
capacity to irrigate 2-3 ha.
Many windmills installed are out of use because of insufficient
maintenance due to lack of credit to wind pumps. However,
recently, farmers' interest has revived due to the increased fuel
prices (4 times increase 1985 - 1996). This makes wind pumping
more competitive, but short- and medium -term credits for
investment are needed very much. There is also a demand for wind
pumps to be bigger and suitable to deeper wells or windmills
which work most of the time and store water.
Sources: RERIC News, 03.'95; 03.96. Articles by GRUPO, Peru.
Info: R.Bisetti, see page 13.
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