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3rd Meeting for Renewable Energy in Brazil
By Emilio La Rovere, Brazil, INforSE-Latin America Coordinator
All Latin American NGOs involved with sustainable energy
development, present or potential members of the INforSE, are
invited to meet in Sao Paulo, Brazil, from 25 to 29 June, 1996,
during the 3rd Meeting for Development of Solar, Wind, and
Biomass Energy in Brazil.
The meeting is promoted by the Permanent Forum of Renewable
Energy - Solar, Wind, and Biomass, constituted by both
governmental and non-governmental organizations. It is supported
by Brazilian Ministries (Mines and Energy, Science and
Technology, Foreign Affairs), Sao Paulo governmental bodies,
utilities, the Reference Centre on Solar and Wind Energy
(CRESESB) hosted by the Electric Power Research Centre (CEPEL),
industry (manufacturers of renewable energy equipment) and the
universities from Rio de Janeiro (COPPE/UFRJ) and Sao Paulo (USP,
The place of the event is at the Museum of Modern Art.. Its
program is:
- Opening Ceremony at the Bandeirantes Palace.
- International Workshop on Strategic Agreement for the
Development of Solar, Wind and Biomass Energy, including a Poster
Session of Technical Papers.
- Dedication Ceremony of the Solar Thermal Water Heating System
of the Popular Housing Project "Cingapura", city of Sao Paulo.
- First Solar-Thermal Companies' Meeting.
- International Renewable Energy Technical Exhibition at
Ibirapuera Gardens.
More info: Ana Lucia Nadalutti, IED, Instituto de Ecologia e
Desenvolvimento or Emilio La Rovere, COPPE/UFRJ, INforSE-Latin
America Coordinator, Brazil. (See at backpage)
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